Stress Release Meditation with Emily Fletcher | Mindvalley

This audio session is a powerful and introspective breathing meditation where you’ll ask yourself some existential questions to remind you of the power of now. The result? Instant Stress Release.

About Emily Fletcher

A formerly stressed Broadway performer who was going gray at 27, Emily discovered a powerful meditation practice that cured her insomnia and improved her health on the first day. Her transformation was so dramatic that she felt inspired to share it with others.

After years of studying ancient practices in India and teaching thousands of high performers, Emily created Ziva Meditation, a mental technique that combines the stress-relieving benefits of meditation with the mental clarity of mindfulness.

Today Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in meditation. She’s been invited to teach at Google, Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Viacom, A-Fest & The Omega Center.

Now, it’s Emily’s mission to help others achieve extraordinary performance through practical, modern meditation.

About Mindvalley

Mindvalley is the world’s most powerful life transformation platform – delivering breakthroughs in mind, body, soul, career, relationships, and life.

Through a combination of world-leading experiential programs with the world’s modern masters, a global community of changemakers constantly co-elevating one another, and advanced subconscious training, it’s the fastest way to get unstuck and experience shifts to move your life forward.

Ob es um weniger Stress, mehr Liebe, mehr Frieden, mehr Reichtum, Freiheit, Einfluss oder Glück geht… Auf Mindvalley finden Sie die Antworten, die Sie brauchen.

Whether it’s less stress, more love, more peace, more wealth, freedom, impact, or happiness… You’ll find the answers you need on Mindvalley.