Good for the environment, good for the guest

Those who know their South Tyrolean “lodges”, for example, know that the “Adler” group creates enchanting hotels. With the new Adler Spa Resort Sicilia, designed by Hugo Demetz, the Sanoner family once again shows how well sustainability and dream vacations go together.

Five kilometers of fine sandy beach, lined with dunes and pine trees. Surrounded by the legendary Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and the nature reserve Riserva Torre Salsa, managed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In short: a paradisiacal spot on earth that makes you feel why Sicily was once considered a “gift of the gods” by the Greeks and Romans. And a place where vacationers can relax and enjoy this “gift” today: At the new, sustainable Adler Spa Resort Sicilia, which architect Hugo Demetz designed for the owner family Sanoner and set on a gentle hill by the sea.

Elegance in wood and glass

Those who expect the white buildings, whitewashed walls, and tile floors common to southern beach resorts are in for a surprise when they arrive at Adler Spa Resort Sicilia: For here, cedar and glass dominate the unobtrusive appearance. Single-story buildings with green roofs nestle against the slopes of the hill like elongated ornamental borders. And typical Sicilian materials were used for the design of the 90 suites in the complex.

Adler Spa Resort Sicilia: Die Architektur der neuen, von Hugo Demetz entworfenen Anlage fügt sich harmonisch in die Landschaft ein. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)

The new resort is fully in line with the philosophy to which the Sanoner company, now in its seventh generation of family management, is committed. “We attach great importance to protecting natural beauty all around us. Sustainable supply chains and construction methods are an integral part of our way of working,” they emphasize at the Adler Group.

Eco-friendly luxury

The focus is on energy efficiency and sophisticated climate systems, the use of regionally natural materials and products, and the conservation of resources. With the declared goal of “combining excellence and comfort with ecological sustainability”.

Die Terrassen des Adler Spa Resort Sicilia wurden mit heimischem Zedernholz gestaltet. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges)
Alle 90 Suiten der neuen Hotelanlage bieten freien Blick aufs Meer. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)

The cedar wood used to give warm elegance to the terraces, brise-soleils and most of the floors comes from Sicily. In some rooms, however, material whose make dates back to ancient Roman architecture also catches the eye: opus signinum, a screed mortar used from the first century BC to the second AD to make floors and waterproof walls. Chr. was used to make floors and waterproof walls. Mixed according to availability from coarse and fine gravels and sands, quicklime, brick dust, terracotta or ceramic fragments and natural pozzolans, it is considered biocompatible and extremely resistant.

E-Tech at Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

The new resort is all about naturalness and sustainability. Environmentally friendly technology included. Accordingly, efforts are being made to implement state-of-the-art, energy-saving strategies. From heat pumps to e-carts, e-cars, e-bikes and charging stations available on the premises.  

Vier Pools im weitläufigen Garten des Adler Spa Resort Sicilia und der nahe Strand laden zu Entspannung und sportlicher Aktivität. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)
Four pools in the spacious garden and the nearby beach invite to relaxation and sports activity.

In the rooms of the Adler Spa Resort Sicilia, for example, the sustainability credo was implemented using tuff and lava stone. And with Terracruda, the red earth from Etna, which was used as wall plaster. All this was done deliberately, and not just for the sake of appearance: The volcanic origin guarantees pleasant indoor climate at any time of the year. The construction of the walls ensures optimal moisture absorption and release.

Comfort with sea view

The 55-square-meter junior and 75-square-meter family suites open up an unobstructed view of the sea and have panoramic terraces. The interior impresses with clean lines, lots of wood, pleasantly “earthy” color nuances and fine furnishings. Some of the suites have been specially designed to be barrier-free for guests with limited mobility.

Hell, geräumig, edel ausgestattet: Die 90 Suiten des Adler Spa Resort Sicilia. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)
Bright, spacious, nobly furnished: The 90 …
Hell, geräumig, edel ausgestattet: Die 90 Suiten des Adler Spa Resort Sicilia. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)
… junior and family suites of the resort.

The spa, which extends over an impressive 3,200 square meters, is also based on natural resources. The ultra-modern wellness zone features various saunas, a Turkish bath, panoramic relaxation rooms and a platform for yoga exercises. Treatments include sea salt, volcanic earth, orange extracts and thalassotherapy.

Action for big & small

Of course, Adler Spa Resort Sicilia also offers a fitness center with personal training and free e-bike and sports equipment rental. Children from the age of four can enjoy age-appropriate leisure fun at the AKI Kids Club.

Erholung pur am Meer und in paradiesischer Umgebung: Das Adler Spa Resort Sicilia grenzt ans vom World Wildlife Fund geführte Naturschutzgebiet Riserva Torre Salsa. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)
Pure relaxation by the sea and in paradisiacal surroundings: The Adler Spa Resort Sicilia …
Erholung pur am Meer und in paradiesischer Umgebung: Das Adler Spa Resort Sicilia grenzt ans vom World Wildlife Fund geführte Naturschutzgebiet Riserva Torre Salsa. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)
… borders the Riserva Torre Salsa nature reserve managed by the World Wildlife Fund.

Guests of the resort will find direct access to the dream beach on the western border of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve. But even those who prefer swimming pools will not be disappointed. On the contrary, Adler Spa Resort Sicilia has a total of four pools, including a 25-meter sports pool. Whether salt or fresh water: both are available. And wooden decks around the protected wet invite you to relax.

Between ancient architecture & nature

The surroundings of the vacation oasis entice with small villages, fascinating historical sites and magnificent nature. It is worthwhile to explore them by bike or hiking – if desired, guided by local guides of the resort. 

In den Restaurants des Adler Spa Resort Sicilia wird Frisches aus den eigenen Gärten, dem Meer und umliegenden Betrieben kredenzt. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges)

On such tours, guests can also follow the origin of what is put on the plates in the hotel. Because at the Adler Spa Resort Sicilia, value is placed on the “farm to table” principle: Vegetables, fruit and freshly caught fish come directly from the hotel’s own gardens, the sea and from the farms in the immediate vicinity.

These delights are served in the two restaurants of the complex, the main restaurant and the Osteria – magnificent sea view and Sicilian specialties included.

Adler Spa Resort Sicilia: Gut zur Umwelt, gut zum Gast. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)
Adler Spa Resort Sicilia: Gut zur Umwelt, gut zum Gast. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz)

What the new resort of the Sanoner hotelier family offers fits perfectly with the growing “Slow Tourism” trend, which other exclusive providers such as “Six Senses“, “Zannier” or “One&Only” also support. For example, Adler Spa Resort Sicilia Director Sami Aglietti formulates for “his” house: “Our goal is to create extraordinary and unforgettable memories. By offering our guests unique experiences and authentic hospitality in charming and elegant surroundings.” 

„Slow down“ at Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

A goal that pleases everyone who wants to explore the world without harming the environment. Because sustainability is an essential part of the corresponding tourism strategy. 

Weitläufig, grün und gemacht für erholsamen Naturgenuss: Das neue Resort der Hotelier-Familie Sanoner in Sizilien. (Bild: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges)

The fact that closeness to nature is close to the heart of the Sanoner family business, which goes back to an inn purchased in 1810 by founding father Josef Anton Sanoner in a South Tyrolean mountain village, is also evident elsewhere. For example, at the Adler Lodge Ritten, also designed by architect Hugo Demetz. But also in the form of the young Tenuta Sanoner winery in Tuscany, which specializes in the production of fine organic wines. Conveniently located just a walk away from the nearby Hotel Adler Thermae

Text: Elisabeth Schneyder
Pictures: Adler Spa Resorts & Lodges / Alex Filz