Dear readers! Today we are sending you lovely holiday greetings from the POST Family Resort in the tranquil village of Unken in Salzburger Land. From boccia, swimming pond and ball pool to pool, horses and Playstation – nobody can get bored here. The Culinary Friendship evening was our personal highlight: exceptionally good food at the Strandhaus with lovely people and a great atmosphere. We spoke to visionary host Florian Unseld about food, family as inspiration and the town of Unken. But read for yourself. All the best, THE Stylemate team

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ALO Yoga is a brand that specialises in yoga clothing and equipment with a focus on style, functionality and sustainability. Since its founding, ALO Yoga has established itself as a leader in yoga fashion, inspiring both yoga enthusiasts and fashionistas worldwide. With a philosophy that combines fashion with a consious lifestyle, ALO Yoga is setting new standards in the industry.

Eckhart Tolle addresses the most effective spiritual practice for daily life, emphasizing the power of observing one’s breath. By shifting attention from the mind to the body through breath awareness, one can foster a deeper connection to their inner energy field. Eckhart Tolle explains how this practice can lead to a sense of aliveness and presence that transcends the physical body.

Sure, we can wash our body and hair. But what do we do with all the toxic substances inside us? They can’t simply be removed with soap and shampoo. With BodyClearance®, the Ayus Group offers a treatment program that tackles this problem using the innovative INUSpheresis® therapy. How does it work, who is it aimed at and what does the word Ayus mean? We spoke to co-founder Lars Honegger.