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Nestled between the cascading mountains of the Sierra Madres and Mexico’s glittering Pacific, lies a new beachfront destination spanning 165 acres of Arcadian jungle and one mile stretch of pristine, untouched coastline. MUSA is for those who live in pursuit of their dreams, by those who dare to dream it. It’s more than a community; it’s an ever-evolving collaboration between cultures, disciplines and art forms that inspire better ways of living.

Autumn is finally here and winter’s just around the corner. It’s getting dark earlier, it’s cold and misty outside and we’re spending more time within our own four walls. It’s the perfect time to rearrange your home a little, redecorate and make yourself comfortable – until spring comes back around, at least…

What is the right way to live? Everyone wants to be a King – balanced, calm and relaxed. But is that possible? The world is full of mice that gnaw at roots and toads that block the water to fountains. Our society is based on performance, so anyone that doesn’t work has no value. On top of that, there’s the irritating temptation of the world of commodities. But you don’t have to own everything in order to be considered successful or happy. If a fairy godmother were to appear and offer to grant three wishes, very few people would be able to decide which ones. Then there’s the constant angst-inducing news reports: coronavirus, war, climate change. Life is not easy. How much energy is expended just to find the best energy provider alone?

A design “grandmaster” was chosen by the Persian Gulf emirate to create an institution that celebrates its cultural heritage and landscape: the National Museum of Qatar in Doha. For this project, Pritzker prize-winner Jean Nouvel produced an avant-garde building inspired by the desert rose, an ornate formation of crystal clusters with overlapping discs primarily found in dry desert regions. And architect Koichi Takada continued this analogy with nature for the interior design of the gift shop.