Sadhguru: A 10-Minute Yoga for Balance and Joy

Nada Yoga is a 10-minute guided yoga routine that balances your whole body and helps against anxiety, fear, night mares, falling sick often, attention disorder and more. In Yoga, uttering AUM is a fundamental practice that builds the foundation for all complex practices. It is very simple and thus great for beginners to learn. You can do it anywhere: at home, in the office, the park. Try out Nada Yoga and realise the benefits in no time.

2-Minute Quick Focus Reset Meditation: Regain Focus to Work, Study, or Get Tasks Done

Having trouble focusing? Need to study or get work done? Looking for something to focus your classroom or team? Reset your focus with this quick mindfulness exercise. Narrated by Headspace Meditation and Mindfulness teacher Kessonga Giscombe, this meditation for focus will bring out the innate concentration within you and help you get back on track without getting distracted. Quick and easy exercise to regain your focus.