NATUZZI ITALIA presents lounge chairs, sofa and side tables as well as beautifully designed lamps in the Viennese Concept Store at Mahlerstraße 7, all of which make an unusual and special Christmas gift. The gift ideas are rounded off by attractive home accessories in southern Italian design, such as scented candles, room scents or pumos, the Apulian lucky charms that represent a bud as a sign of a new beginning…

The recently completed research and development centre for MAM Health & Innovation by INNOCAD architecture is one of the honoured projects of the 2022 Best of Year Awards of the American Interior Design Magazine in the category “Medium Corporate Office”. The award ceremony took place in New York City on December 8th where editor-in-chief Cindy Allen announced the 2022 Best of Year projects in different categories. This project that summarizes INNOCAD‘s and 13&9 Design‘s holistic design approach, has been also THE PLAN Award 2022 honoree, Bauherrenpreis 2022 nominee as well as World Architecture Festival Awards 2021 finalist. In an interview Martin and Anastasija Lesjak discussed the holistic approach.

The landmark project directly on Vienna’s Danube Canal impresses with design care and special architecture by INNOCAD. The expressive, monolithic architectural concept with its characteristic form is identity-forming, explained by architect Martin Lesjak. Inside we also took care to create a balance between the urbanity of the capital and nature – with a biophilic series of luminaires. Read more in the interview with Dr. Anastasija Lesjak from 13&9 Design.

O Lofos [the Hill] is a private house located on the east side of Crete where the landscape grows wild, and the nature is an ever-changing source of inspiration. This side of the island is still quite unexplored, and you can clearly sense the authenticity in the habitants and their way of living. Blending Block722’s inherent Scandinavian sensibility and organic minimalism with local architecture influences, result is a one-of-a-kind design language.