Carpets are not only trendy when it comes to furnishing, they also make you dream. When we get to know a new carpet we first do so with our eyes. We see its pattern, colours and shape to make a first contact. But sooner than we think, the same carpet conquers all our senses – we walk barefoot over it, feel its haptics and structure, run our fingers over it. We conquer it as a playground on which we can also sit, lie down, listen to music, talk to each other, meditate. Finally, the carpet becomes a harmonious part of our living spaces. From the bedroom or living room, to the bathroom or wellness area, to the entrance hall…

O Lofos [the Hill] is a private house located on the east side of Crete where the landscape grows wild, and the nature is an ever-changing source of inspiration. This side of the island is still quite unexplored, and you can clearly sense the authenticity in the habitants and their way of living. Blending Block722’s inherent Scandinavian sensibility and organic minimalism with local architecture influences, result is a one-of-a-kind design language.

The Salzburg resident from Maria Alm has a laid-back and likeable demeanour, and he’s younger than you might expect. You wouldn’t think at first glance that Josef Schwaiger, also known as Sepp, runs three hotels and a concept store, but he does, and he does it with immense passion, even more creativity and huge success.

South Tyrol is characterised by the fusion of Alpine tradition and Mediterranean flair, which may seem like contrasts at first, but actually result in a harmonious blend of architecture, cuisine and natural highlights. A true gem in this area of northern Italy is Merano, just the tonic you need to celebrate lighter, warmer days after the lethargic winter months.