RELAX and HEAL Your NECK | 5-Minute Qigong Two Hands Clap The Nape

Practice This Blood Cleanse Qigong will help you to Cleanse Blood in the body, generate a smooth circulation flows inside the body, calm mind and body, eliminate the chronic illness and prevent a lot of disease.

There are 9 movements of the Blood Cleanse Qigong:

  • 1. Activate Hands and Legs
  • 2. Open Arms
  • 3. Hands Folded, Body Curving
  • 4. Hands Upward and Backward
  • 5. Slap two knees
  • 6. Two Hands Clap the Nape
  • 7. Tap on the Top of the Head
  • 8. Hands wash Two Ears
  • 9. Flap the Soles of the Feet