il Salotto’ Wines & Resort: Tuscan paradise

In the heart of the Maremma region, JOI-Design developed a design language for the new building of ‘il Salotto’ Wines & Resort that elegantly translates traditional Tuscan design into modern times. Architecturally, the Tuscan style was also adopted and interpreted in a modern way, allowing the new building to blend charmingly into its surroundings.

The interior design concept for ‘il Salotto’ creates a central connection between old and new and takes its guests on a journey of relaxation, enjoyment and coziness. In German, “il Salotto” means something like “living room” or “having a good time with friends”. This is exactly what the interior designers used as a guiding idea for their concept and is reflected in the interiors of the four stylish and elegant apartments as well as in the public areas of the resort.

Cabernet, Sangiovese and Merlot

The ‘il Salotto’ has three cottages that bear the names of famous wines – Cabernet, Sangiovese and Merlot.

As soon as you cross the threshold, you are immersed in a homely, charming and very cozy atmosphere, which at the same time exudes authenticity and quality. Other high-quality materials such as genuine leather armchairs, a soft carpet and olive-colored sofas emphasize the theme of coziness. The look is complemented with design details in greige and the use of real wood in the floor, ceiling and furniture – which exudes a natural warmth in the room. The large window fronts, which are enclosed in elegant linen curtains, allow guests to enjoy sweeping views of the paradisiacal landscape.

il Salotto' Wines & Resort:

A design highlight: The travertine stone quarried on site gets its stage in the entire ‘il Salotto’ Wines & Resort and is installed in all bathrooms as well as in the small kitchenettes of the casas. The look of the stone emphasizes the typical classic Tuscan style, creating a symbiosis of old and new.

The centerpiece

The central bar – as the center of the action – artistically showcases the wines of its own winery. As in one of il Salotto’s villas, the bar’s real wood front is finished with travertine stone and elegantly framed by the light leather bar chairs. Daylight streams into the ‘Sala Degustation’ through huge window fronts and picturesquely plays around the oak floor.

il Salotto' Wines & Resort:

Across from the bar, one is immersed in a sea of bright and inviting sofas, placed directly in front of the natural stone fireplace by the interior designers. A large table in olive tree look in the middle of the room, allows a gathering to enjoy the house wines together.

A place of absolute well-being also offers the large sun terrace and the pool, from which you can enjoy the perfect view towards the Tuscan countryside.

il Salotto' Wines & Resort:

Another highlight of the resort is the wine cellar where the noble drops of ‘il Salotto’ are stored and waiting to be tasted. Grape, terroir and microclimate of the Maremma region are the best conditions for a particularly enjoyable note in the wine. The resort, following the motto ‘carpe diem’ and ‘la dolce vita’, offers wine tasting with its own organic wines and culinary accompaniment.

In the midst of this extraordinary Tuscan wine landscape, a resort has been created where enjoyment is at home and guests can expect an exclusive vacation experience with authentic Tuscan interior design.

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