St. Peter Stiftskulinarium: Gourmet magnet and interpreter of style

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium

Located in the heart of Salzburg and in close proximity to the ‘Großes Festspielhaus’, the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium will be the #placetobe during the Festival Summer from July 18 to August 31, 2022. The restaurant lines ACHTHUNDERT&DREI and PETER attract numerous international guests and VIPs, who find here the appropriate culinary setting before or after the performance. Just in time for the festival summer, the 11 premises show themselves in new splendor.

Gourmets welcome!

In the award-winning “ACHTHUNDERT&DREI” gourmet restaurant, the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium serves breathtaking gourmet menus from its award-winning fine dining kitchen. The internationally influenced dishes are accompanied by a wine list with 800 positions. Here, between millennia-old walls, you dine in a fascinating atmosphere, among the most splendid colors, green plants and stylish decorations.

At the “PETER” it-place, you can enjoy the festival season in the usual casual manner. The hosts surprise in the St. Peter outdoor lounge with local Mediterranean dishes, as well as sparkling, light or refreshing drops.

Every year in July and August there is a magic over the city. Our guests are touched, delighted and inspired by the drama and music of the festival. We capture this mood and bring it to life in our rooms and menus.

Veronika Kirchmair & Claus Haslauer

On the menu of the house are brilliant menus that can be enjoyed in five, six or seven courses and are crowned with the appropriate wine experience.

The menu includes fish with cabbage, parsley and amaranth, pata negra with a vinaigrette and Vorgerl, chanterelle with arugula and organic egg yolk, monkfish with risoni, olive and Noilly Prat, a scallop with chorizzo, tomato and grissini, and two kinds of Waldviertel duck with foie gras, Bimi broccoli and carrot. For dessert, enjoy raspberry with almond, consommé, thyme and meringue.

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium (c) Anja Koppitsch Photography_01

A vegetarian gourmet menu is also on the menu. In a choice of four or five courses, the gourmet kitchen serves Salzburg vegetables with organic herbs, chanterelle with arugula and organic egg yolk, kohlrabi with ricotta, tomato and capers, dim sum with broccoli, carrot and dashi, and raspberry with almond, consommé, thyme and meringue for dessert.


Inspiration for the eyes and mind can also be found in the Stiftskulinarium. The rooms, which have just been refurbished and decorated, promise a ‘finale furioso’ of moments of happiness. Known as a style icon and trendsetter, Veronika Kirchmair has created a liaison of traditional and modern that is second to none.

Artists from all over the world are presented by the host and exhibitor amidst ancient walls. Together with the Galerie Reinisch in Graz, impressive paintings by Anton Petz are presented in the rooms of the Stiftskulinarium at the time of the festival.

But the walls alone are full of history. In the historic ambience is already entertained since the year 803.

“Art is a source of inspiration that provides important food for thought. It provokes and irritates, and this different thinking opens up new spaces for thought.”

Veronika Kirchmair

Über St. Peter

As the oldest restaurant in Europe, which was first mentioned in a document in 803, St. Peter combines historic cuisine, good vibes, music and wine culture within the ancient walls of Salzburg’s city center. The two hosts Veronika Kirchmair and Claus Haslauer offer a unique reinterpretation of time-tested tradition from a thousand years of experience. Whether fine dining in the gourmet restaurant “ACHTHUNDERT&DREI”, casual evenings in the It-Place “PETER” or at your own celebration – each of the eleven differently designed rooms tells its own fascinating story. In the outdoor lounge in the leafy courtyard, in the festive ambience of the noble baroque hall or in the dignified atmosphere of the Richardstube, the former monastery wine cellar: Outstanding moments with family, friends or colleagues can be celebrated nowhere more beautifully than in this culturally rich event location in Salzburg.


From 28th July to 31st August 2022
Monday to Friday from 11:30-00:00
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-00:00


From 28th July to 31st August 2022
Wednesday to Sunday from 17:00-00:00