RELAX and REFRESH Yourself | 5-Minute Qigong Self Massage Daily

This is 5- minute qigong self massage to relax and refresh yourself, allow yourself to rest after a long day of work. You may apply this massage during exercise time or during break time.

About Qigong Meditation

Qigong Meditation is the Channel created by Thich Man Tue (Br Insight).
He was born in Central Vietnam in 1985. He was ordained as a Vietnamese Novice Buddhist Monk in 2002 at the root temple of Plum Village, Chùa Từ Hiếu in Vietnam. He came to Plum Village, France in 2006 and received full Bhikshu ordination on December 20, 2006. He practiced and taught in Deer Park Monastery, California since 2008, receiving Lamp from Thay to become a Dharma Teacher in 2012 at Deer Park Monastery. He enjoys practicing Meditation and Qigong Daily, and has been offering Qigong to friends who come to retreats at Blue Cliff Monastery, and Deer Park Monastery where he currently resides .

He would like to offer lessons about Qigong Meditation practices and Daily Qigong Routine to everyone who loves to practice and experience about the Peace, Relaxing and Healing of body and mind.