The new unu Scooter – minimalist design meets smart features

unu Scooter

With its latest launch, the Berlin mobility company unu is presenting a completely self-designed and developed product for the first time – the unu scooter of the second generation

unu Scooter

Clear design meets a powerful electric motor

The young Berlin company unu developed innovative mobility solutions for urban areas with its new e-scooter. Unu founders Elias Atahi and Pascal Blum ensure simple, affordable and sustainable mobility in cities.

We believe that all people should have the opportunity to reach out the full potential of their city. We are committed to creating the mobility solution that fully connects people with their city.

Elias Atahi, Co-Founder and CXO unu

The aim of unu is: to create a simple, accessible product that makes everyday city life easier and creates openness for topics such as electromobility and networking.

For the new generation of the unu e-scooter, the Berlin company decided to work together with companies such as BOSCH and LG. Its practical portable batteries are sufficient for a distance of up to 100 kilometers. If there is a longer distance ahead, the batteries can be recharged at conventional sockets. So, the companies jointly developed a scooter that not only offers enough storage space and seating space for up to two people, but also the fastest acceleration value associated in the electric scooter segment.

State-of-the-art features such as a key-card instead of a normal key to unlock the scooter, makes the new unu scooter unique. An associated app, an integrated navigation system on the scooter’s screen, an anti-theft protection and a digital key sharing, offer the urban mobility new driving experience.

unu Scooter

With a focus on functional and aesthetic accessibility as well as simplicity, we have implemented clear design principles for both hardware and software. In the end, there aren’t many options for designing a scooter if these design principles are implemented calmly. We don’t see design as art, but as a tool to solve problems.

Elias Atahi, Co-Founder and CXO unu

Smart design – Smart features

In addition to their unmistakable minimalist design as well solutions had to be found for easy handling. The storage space, which offers enough space for batteries, helmets and personal valuables, should resemble a helmet compartment on a conventional scooter and thus should establish itself for possible sharing scenarios in cities.

In addition, the intuitive design should minimize digital complexity. The scooter uses a simple user interface consisting of just three buttons and the associated unu app. This should make it possible to operate the scooter intuitively without prior knowledge.

The unu app offers drivers various options to equip their scooter with the latest technology features. Among other things, it offers the possibility to check the current charge status of the scooter at any time. In addition, the scooter has anti-theft protection. A notification via the app informs the driver that the scooter is being moved in the absence of the owner, who can then be located according to the integrated GPS transmitter.

Unu is the first e-scooter with an integrated navigation system, it enables the user to get to their destination directly via the built-in display. This avoids unnecessary and dangerous looks at the smartphone.

unu Scooter

Another special feature is the digital key. The special thing about this is that the key can easily be shared digitally with friends and family via the unu app.

For the first time, this paves the way for micro-sharing, with which we would like to introduce a new scooter usage model for urban mobility. However, networking in a small group is just the beginning.

Elias Athai, Co-Founder and CXO unu

The unu e-scooter was designed down to the very last detail by the Berlin company. Attention to detail can be seen from the charging cable, which itself becomes a design object and does not have to be hidden due to its minimalist appearance, to the scooters LED front light and the holder for vehicle documents integrated in the storage space.

About unu

Founded in 2013 by Elias Atahi, Pascal Blum and Mathieu Caudal, unu is now the market leader in German-speaking countries. For their concept, Forbes selected the founders in 2017 among the Forbes 30 under 30, the most promising young entrepreneurs. Today the young company is working on various solutions for urban mobility. Your TÜV-certified scooters drive noiselessly and can be charged at any socket thanks to portable batteries. The idea arose while studying in Beijing, where the restricted mobility in a big city was particularly noticeable. The young company has been expanding since 2015.