Studio Alessandro Painsi: new custom clothing and design line

Studio Alessandro Painsi Studio Alessandro Painsi, Photo: Oliver Sønnichsen

Studio Alessandro Painsi is a new custom clothing and design line, released in context with art exhibitions world wide. 

For the crazy ones, the misfits, the ones who can change the world.

Custom and hand made in Denmark

All clothing is custom and hand made in Denmark and every piece is unique. The pieces are made from the same materials and styles as the art works exhibited in the exhibitions.

Alessandro Painsi is an Austrian-born artist currently residing in Denmark. At 22 years old, Mr. Painsi was a professional Latin dancer and represented Austria in world-wide tournaments. He also studied Industrial Design at the Ortweinschule Graz.

After being accepted into the biggest art studio for emerging artists in Denmark, he has become well known for his deeply emotional and experimental art. He is constantly working with different materials: linen, cotton, wood, glass, mirror, metal, and more. He has exhibited in and out of Europe, alongside some of the most prestigious artists from Austria.

Alessandro Painsi Studio is based in Aalborg (Denmark) and creating Exhibitions and Installations world wide with Partners in and outside the Gallery World. The Studio aims to bridge the gap between art, architecture and event, thereby creating a full body experience for the viewer.