Hotel Knappenhof, Reichenau/Rax, Austria: Breathe deeply. Breathe again. Enjoy.


Absolute tranquillity in the midst of fantastic nature. From probably the most beautiful terrace far and wide, the Knappenhof shows what natural grace is. There is no constant noise or light pollution here. On clear nights, the sky opens its stage for stargazing.

At the turn of the century, the Rax region was a bit like St. Moritz in the Eastern Alps. Arthur Schnitzler wrote Lieutenant Gustl here and fell in love with a landlady, Sigmund Freud met patients while mountain climbing, Alma Mahler enjoyed herself with Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Werfel and Walter Gropius. Numerous magnificent villas were built during this time – one of them, and a particularly beautiful one, is the Knappenhof.

Lovely alpine pastures, majestic peaks, excellent food and the Reichenau Festival (2 July to 6 August 2022), of which the Knappenhof is the general sponsor. The hideaway at the foot of the Raxalpe has always been a popular meeting place for city dwellers seeking relaxation. Paying respect to this traditional house was the explicit aim of the 2021 facelift, but still with a modern touch, a little quirky, a little daring and always with a lot of feeling.

Modern art hangs above old farmhouse furniture, the walls are covered with noble, colourful fabrics, and stag antlers shine as chandeliers: you wouldn’t know it from the outside, but inside, hotelier Helena Ramsbacher has transformed the Knappenhof into an alpine bird of paradise.

Gorgeous wallpaper, classy bathrooms and legendarily comfortable beds provide the perfect backdrop for cosy relaxation in the rooms and suites.

Culinary delights at the Knappenhof

Max Stiegl, Chef of the Year 2021, is known for his philosophy of sustainability, which he also wants to live at the Knappenhof. He serves game and vegetables from the forests and meadows around the Knappenhof, Burgenland pastries and wild fish from the island of Brač.

His focus is on the classics, offal cuisine and poultry, which he creatively interprets in his refined honesty.

And because man does not live on meat alone, there are of course all those delicious plants that the forest and meadows around the Rax provide: Mushrooms and wild herbs, berries and forest fruits, and lots of vegetables from the surrounding market gardens.

Doing what you want

At and around the Knappenhof there is no après-ski and no bus tourism, but plenty of space and opportunities to do what you want – whether that is to relax, exercise, enjoy nature or each other. And best of all: for sports enthusiasts, whether in summer or winter, the adventure usually starts right on the doorstep, because the Törlweg, one of the most popular ascents up the Rax to the Ottohaus, begins right behind the Knappenhof. The Höllental with its spectacular trails, via ferratas for beginners such as the Gusta Jahn Steig, or high alpine, spectacular via ferratas for advanced climbers such as the Hans von Haid Steig are only a few minutes away by car.


Relaxation and recuperation can be found on the sun terrace or in the Knappenhof Spa with sauna, steam bath and indoor relaxation area. By the way, the spa can be booked exclusively as a private spa: this means that it is only available to you and your guests after reservation. An infinity pool is also already being planned with an almost endless view of the forest and mountain. The surroundings around the Knappenhof have a lot to offer anyway with its nature and wildlife pools.

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Photos: Knappenhof, Christian Husar, Gerd Wasserbauer