Grow with the Flow

The Alto Hotel Group not only owns fantastic hotels in South Tyrol, it also runs a brand for mindful experiences. With arise, body and mind are brought to new heights. Yoga and sound baths ensure personal growth. The stylish course locations in Bolzano and Lana are all’altezza and provide the perfect setting to shine.

We address body, emotions and thoughts for holistic well-being. Body and mind are one.

Holistic well-being is the ultimate goal of arise. The timetable includes Pranaflow sessions as well as power yoga and sound baths, but also specials such as Pilates n Drink, where the course ends at the Luna Bar in the Parkhotel Mondschein, or Lunar Gatherings with ceremonial cocoa drinking under the full moon.

Slow down and enter a place of growth.

Arise works with many different teachers and therefore has a wide range of practices. The three course locations are also diverse and exclusive. They are spread across the stylish hotels of the Alto Hotel Group.

Let fear, pain and mistakes be teachers on your way. And keep learning. Because when you learn you can’t fail.

In the arise Body and Mind Studio at the Parkhotel Mondschein in Bolzano, the mind finds peace in an 800-year-old house surrounded by a wonderful park. The Sonorium & Yoga Studio at the Schwarzschmied wellness hotel in Lana entices you to enjoy sensual experiences full of sound in an idyllic location. And the glass house of Villa Arnica in the centre of Lana, surrounded by vineyards, offers magical moments with a panoramic view of the garden and cosiness thanks to the wood-burning stove.

We are all here to grow. Let’s grow together.

photocredit: Franziska Unterholzner; Laura Limberg