A splash in the park: a cinematic pool at the Parkhotel Mondschein

It is one of the latest highlights of the charming hotel in Bolzano: the green pool in the enchanting Mondschein park could have been taken from a film. Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren would certainly have loved it!

The scenery

The red and white striped towels are freshly rolled up on the loungers. The dark green parasols are stretched out at regular intervals and the terracotta floor frames the emerald-coloured pool. An old house wall with densely overgrown ivy runs up one side, surrounded by a picturesque park with plenty of greenery in the form of palm trees, shrubs and trees.

And Action

An elegant signorina with a highly tousled bob and an almost empty martini glass in her hand sits at the edge of the pool. Her long legs stick out into the water. Isn’t that Sophia Loren? A gentleman with a suit, sunglasses and a cigarillo in his mouth appears from off-screen. Si! Marcello Mastroianni! “Sorry to disturb you, signorina, but the sight of this pool is only surpassed by your beauty… May I offer you another drink?” “No,” she replies cheekily and hops into the pool. “You’d better come in, it’s wonderfully refreshing!”

Fancy a swim?

We have to admit that we have let our imaginations run away with us a little here… but the new pool at the Parkhotel Mondschein could easily have served as a film set in 1960s Italy. However, guests at the hotel in Bolzano have recently been able to enjoy this elegant highlight, which is heated to a pleasant 30° from April to October. Incidentally, the design studio Biquadra from Merano provided the cinematic Italo charm. Refreshing drinks and healthy snacks are available at the kiosk bar. Only one thing remains to be clarified, namely quando quando quando

About the Parkhotel Mondschein

The Parkhotel, the oldest part of which dates back to 1320, reopened its doors in May 2022 after extensive renovation work. It now shines with the warm flair of the early 1960s, reminiscent of cinematic moments from the golden age of Italian film. “Beautiful materials, good quality and intelligent design were the top priorities during the refurbishment. We wanted to create a place where people can relax and take a break,” explains Moritz Dissertori.

photocredits: Letizia Cigliutti