ALTO HOTEL GROUP: Historic houses, modern comfort


Moritz Dissertori

The brothers Moritz (33) and Klaus Dissertori (41) come from a family of hoteliers in idyllic Lana in South Tyrol and now run four unique hotels in their home town and in Bolzano: the Hotel Schwarzschmied, which they took over from their parents in Hotel Schwarzschmied, which they took over from their parents in 1980, the boutique hotel 1477 Reichhalter, the romantic Villa Arnica for adult guests and the Parkhotel Mondschein in the South Tyrolean capital.

Parkhotel Mondschein

Four extraordinary retreats in historic houses – giving them a new look while preserving their history is the passion of the two brothers. Together under the Alto Group, they give old houses modern comfort with great attention to detail, where old and young, holidaymakers and locals like to meet.

Moritz Dissertori: “It is our philosophy and our USP to renovate old houses. I find this much more sustainable than building new. When renovating, we take care to reuse things that are already there. We have uncovered floors and refurbished old doors instead of buying new ones. We want to restore what is already there. To do this, we work together with the heritage office and architects who know how things used to be built and have a knack for old buildings.”

Hotel 1477 Reichhalter

They like to get inspiration for this and for the operation of their hotels when travelling abroad, where they see a lot and then come back with a new perspective and ideas that they develop into their concepts.

Moritz Dissertori: “We try to be as honest and authentic as possible. We don’t just want to follow short-lived current trends, we want to create a great sustainable experience.”

Sustainability is not just an empty word here, but is practised – in the kitchen, for example. Mainly regional food from local producers is used, and Villa Arnica also has a 2000 metre garden where vegetables are grown. Villa Arnica also has a 2000 metre garden where vegetables are grown. The fact that their concept is well received is shown by the large number of regular guests on the one hand and the many long-serving employees on the other. The two brothers themselves only returned to their parents’ hotel later on after they had both travelled abroad for longer periods of time to study and travel.

Hotel Schwarzschmied

Klaus Dissertori returned in 2010 for a major remodelling of the Schwarzschmied and stayed on. His brother Moritz only returned for their latest project, the Parkhotel Mondschein, completely back to South Tyrol. The Parkhotel, the oldest part of which dates back to 1320, reopened its doors in May 2022 after extensive renovation work. Now it shines in the warm flair of the early 60s, reminiscent of cinematic moments from the golden age of Italian film. “Beautiful materials, good quality and intelligent design were the top priorities during the refurbishment. We wanted to create a place where people can relax and take a break,” explains Moritz Dissertori.

Villa Arnica

And the two enterprising hoteliers are not running out of ideas: From April, a pool will complete the idyllic park at Hotel Mondschein and offer a refuge on hot summer days. A well-stocked kiosk bar will provide the appropriate refreshments. The Parkhotel has now become the “place to be” in Bolzano – on the one hand because of its Luna Bar and the DJs, and the DJs who regularly play here, and also because of the events in an atmospheric setting.

“We would like to make our home
more attractive again by making our
culture more tangible. That is why
places for people where we ourselves
enjoy spending time ourselves.”

Klaus Dissertori