JOJO Wein Aperitivo

Johanna Markowitsch and Johann “Hansi” Reisetbauer are combining the knowledge, flavour and style of two traditional Austrian companies to make a fruity and refreshing rosé wine aperitif.

JOJO Wein Aperitivo draws together the best red wine grapes from the Markowitsch family in a unique composition based on the Damascene rose gin created by the Reisetbauer family. It is the perfect symbiosis of the younger generations coming through, which isn’t just reflected in the name but can also be tasted sip after sip.

JOJO Wein Aperitivo captures the feeling of the first warm summer’s evening of the year – a cool breeze on your face, and in your hand: a refreshing drink., JOJO Wein Aperitivo, approx. €17.99   

Photocredits: CHINSPREE/Manuel Scheipner