Increased solar activity 2024 – Use this celestial event for your growth | Sadhguru

Sadhguru explains how the phenomenon of solar flares affects all life on earth and how one can prepare well and utilise this surge of energy to accelerate one’s spiritual growth tremendously.

The current solar cycle is approaching its peak, and this event has been observed in recent weeks in the form of auroras. Surprisingly, the maximum is expected to occur in January 2024, much earlier than originally predicted (July 2025). Astrophysicists Priyansh Jaswal, Chitradeep Saha and Dibyendu Nandy from the Centre of Excellence in Space Sciences India have made these findings through an analysis.

A solar cycle refers to the period in which the sun’s magnetic field is depleted and rebuilt. The current cycle, number 25, began in 2019 and is expected to last until 2030. Previous predictions of the solar maximum were based on the observation of sunspots. However, the Indian team developed a new method by utilising the Waldmeier effect, which establishes a link between sunspots and the length of the solar cycle.

The researchers analysed data up to 1976 and found that the attenuation rate of the solar dipole field correlates well with the Waldmeier effect. This enabled a more precise prediction of the solar maximum. This timing is important because increasing solar activity is accompanied by solar flares, which can have an impact on power grids, radio links and satellites.

Although it cannot be confirmed until January 2024, both the Indian study and a revised NOAA prediction indicate that the upcoming solar maximum will be earlier and more intense than previously thought. This has implications for the prediction of solar storms and is crucial for operators of navigation systems and satellites to anticipate potential disruptions in good time.