OLM Nature Escape: innovation and sustainability come full circle // Lifestylehotels

The OLM-Nature Escape, embedded in the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites, embodies not only an outstanding technological concept, but also an architectural masterpiece in line with the highest sustainability standards. The project meets all the criteria of the “Casa Clima A Nature” standard and stands out thanks to its unique combination of technology, architecture and environmental awareness. OLM also recently received the GSTC certificate (Global Sustainable Tourism Council Hotel Criteria).

Architecture: A modern interpretation of alpine tradition

The OLM-Nature Escape was built in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 110 meters, a conscious decision by the planning team and the owners. This creative architecture unites the infinite, eternity and dynamism in the symbol of the circle. The wood and stone structure combines modern elements with alpine tradition, creating a “modern alp”. Concrete and floor-to-ceiling glass windows create a contrast between the interior and exterior. The exterior appearance conveys solidity, while the interior relies on wood to represent warmth and hospitality.

Sustainability: a pioneer in energy autonomy

The OLM-Nature Escape sets new standards for sustainability. The architecture was based on the strict specifications of CasaClima Nature, which not only assess energy efficiency, but also environmental impact, health and well-being. The entire building was autonomously supplied with electricity and heating, with the maximum peak demand of 270 kilowatts being covered by a 2,000 m² photovoltaic system on a green roof. This innovative combination improves the efficiency of the photovoltaic system and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Green roofs and photovoltaics: synergies for greater efficiency

The green roof with photovoltaic panels not only offers an aesthetically pleasing solution, but also maximizes energy production. The synergistic effect between plants and photovoltaic panels results in a higher output of 4.3% on average up to a peak of 8%. This combination not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also contributes to cost control and the internal comfort of the structure. The OLM-Nature Escape not only strives for zero CO2 emissions, but also for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction.

Sustainability in the focus of the guest experience

The sustainable mindset is not only reflected in the architecture, but also accompanies the guests’ leisure time. Electric bicycles and electric quads are available for hire, as are charging stations for electric cars. The use of electric vehicles and the use of an artesian well for water resources underline the holistic sustainability concept of the project. By promoting electromobility and environmentally friendly leisure activities, the OLM-Nature Escape actively contributes to raising awareness for the protection of nature.

A look into the future: ecologically and economically sustainable

The owner, Christian Lechner, emphasizes the importance of investing in sustainable energy use. The ecological sustainability of the project, combined with the long-term perspective of almost zero energy consumption, makes the OLM-Nature Escape not only ecologically but also economically sustainable. At a time when climate change is one of the biggest challenges, this project sets an example for an environmentally conscious and future-oriented way of life.

Nature is the most precious asset, and the OLM-Nature Escape proves that sustainable construction and luxury are harmoniously compatible. With its innovative technology, unique architecture and strong environmental commitments, it sets a new standard for sustainable hotels and demonstrates that protecting our environment is not only an obligation, but also an asset for all.