Berlin Travel Festival // Digital – A Stream Comes True! 9. – 12. March 2021

Berlin Travel Festival 2021

The Berlin Travel Festival returns digitally in march 2021! The Berlin Travel Festival // Digital is neither a festival nor a livestream but a curated online video magazine. It is more than just another “Dream Now – Travel Later” show, with immediately applicable tips from proven experts, exclusive and highly attractive offers that can be booked immediately. A program series true to the motto: A stream comes true.

Online, a mix of blog articles, a media library with films, tutorials and exciting travel lectures is offered. In addition, there will be a selection of destinations, tour operators and branded tourism products presented through extensive program advertising. The program is shown in linear order during the initial broadcast, after which the respective contributions can be viewed in the media library as video on demand.

Representing a new generation of travelers, the festival embodies the new awareness in travel and tourism and sees it as its mission to exchange and discuss with experts, brands and travelers.

Take a trip! But how?

Special circumstances call for special measures. In times of zoom-fatigue, the longing to simply be entertained in the evening returns. With the Berlin Travel Festival // Digital, the Berlin Travel Festival is creating an alternative to the endless hours of travel documentaries on Netflix and the numerous travel programs on the usual TV channels. The festival is launching a new online video magazine that will provide travelers with fresh inspiration for upcoming vacations. A program series true to the motto: A stream comes true.

Broadcasting will take place on four evenings, each with a theme. Each episode explores new perspectives on travel: safe trips + safe places, tiny living + slow travel, freedom + adventure and culture trips.

Berlin Travel Festival

The Berlin Travel Festival // Digital will take place on 4 evenings for ~2.5 hours each starting at 7pm from March 9 – 12, 2021 around ITB Berlin NOW and rounds off with this consumer component a week in which Berlin is all about travel. Attendees can experience a premiere every evening or access the individual contributions in the media library whenever they want.

Bernd Neff

People’s wanderlust is increasing from month to month. Analogously, frustration is also growing. Where can you travel? Where is it safe? How do you get there and back? Travel can and should be possible – without a guilty conscience. These four episodes will be more than just another “Dream Now-Travel Later” show. Our viewers will get concrete ideas and offers that can be booked and implemented immediately,

comments Bernd Neff, Founder and Managing Director of the Berlin Travel Festival.

Photo: Steve Herud

Each evening is peppered with different formats such as essays, interviews, live lectures, video documentaries, travel films as well as panels and expert talks on specific topics.

Episodes 1- 4

Safe Trips – Safe Places
The first episode of the Berlin Travel Festival // Digital is themed “Safe Trips – Safe Places” and presents various forms of road trips, European rail routes, unusual ship passages and defensible long-distance travel. Concrete, immediately applicable tips from proven experts are presented.

Tiny Living & Slow Travel
Episode two is about Tiny Houses, de-stressing, staying local and small, quickly realizable escapes – so-called “micro-adventures”. The overall theme is “Tiny Living & Slow Travel.”

Freedom & Adventure
Within the third episode, everything revolves around “Freedom & Adventure”. It’s about hiking in the mountains, expeditions in the jungle, crossing the desert and the fascination of water.

Culture Travel
The last evening will focus on “Culture Travel” and thus on the world’s most delicious food hotspots, breathtaking art and design destinations as well as subcultures and places “off the beaten track”.

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