Where design is lived.

Design is the center of life for Joachim Mayr and Heinz Glatzl and their joint company M&G, based in FORMDEPOT in Vienna-Ottakring, which was also founded by the two. Having a vision is one thing. To be able to implement it is just as important! At M&G, the two go hand in hand: while Heinz Glatzl brings extraordinary ideas and planning expertise to the table, Joachim Mayr tinkers with detailed solutions and is a master of the right proportions and materials.

Everything from one source.

From the first sketch to the perfect realization – every project by Mayr & Glatzl is filled with passion and attention to detail. Together with a perfectly coordinated team, the architecture and interior design firm is always developing something new – with the aim of creating something recognizable and yet independent.

Together, a very special place of hospitality was created from a historic house with a lot of fresh air. And thus an own project of superlatives: The “Refugium Lunz” – the vision of a hotel come true and a showcase example of successful cooperation.

How it all began.

It was on a winter night in 2019 when Joachim Mayr and Heinz Glatzl discovered the house in the driving snow and regretted its emptiness.

You imagined what could come out of it. Felt that it could be something special. So they bought the house. Originally with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast. A plan that was too small, as it soon turned out. What it became, after 3 years of construction, is a visionary boutique hotel at 4-star level. The vision of a favorite place has manifested itself in the “Refugium Lunz” – characterized through and through by design and the epitome of hospitality.

The project.

The entire project was a balancing act between the historical conditions and the current high technical requirements.

The “Refugium Lunz” manages the balancing act between the existing building on the church square and the new building facing the river with flying colors. Combined into a refuge that is quite unique both architecturally and in terms of the quality of the furnishings.

The claim was to make the highest quality craftsmanship perceptible in all places, to draw from the full in the choice of materials and products, and to manage the tightrope walk between the historical conditions and the current high technical requirements – without compromise.

Joachim Mayr and Heinz Glatzl like to call the “Refugium Lunz” the sister of FORMDEPOT. It shows the entire diversity of companies that have made up FORMDEPOT from the very beginning. It is probably even the first house that was created in such close cooperation with so many partners. For this purpose, new solutions were developed and everyone also had the opportunity to show what is possible if you dare to think.

Many years of experience, the naturally grown cooperation of the FORMDEPOT members and partners, the trust and the well-rehearsedness of all participants form the prerequisite for this in the first place.

With the “Refugium Lunz” a new kind of cooperation has emerged, which puts the idea of cooperation into a completely new context. A cross-sector cooperation. A collaboration of a colorful spectrum of experienced personalities with integrity and strength, who have turned a historic house from the 17th century into a living landscape of history, form and material presence. To a thoroughly hospitable place, in which for Joachim Mayr and Heinz Glatzl the central pillars of FORMDEPOT “innovation, craftsmanship and design” manifest themselves.

„The exchange is certainly an important factor. We have already experienced so much together that we often understand each other without words. We are so different, but we also complement each other in many areas and bring different points of view. So we are used to find good solutions together.“