Refugium Lunz: Summer Refuge

At the church square in Lunz am See, there lies the Refugium Lunz, which opened in spring. It invites you to come and stay. More than “just another design hotel”, it is a place of contemplation and refuge. Now ideal to escape the heat of the city, enjoy the summer freshness and experience a true summer retreat.

Want to join a boat trip?

Lake Lunz offers wonderful space for idleness and relaxing hours in the summer months. So how about a nostalgically beautiful boat trip? The gentle waves will carry you along and you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the lake to the fullest. The picturesque landscape passes you by while you lean back and enjoy the moment to the fullest. As soon as the sun gets a little too warm for you, there’s nothing better than taking a plunge into the cool waters of Lake Lunz. The refreshing water envelops your body and makes you forget the daily routine. Swim a round, dive or just let yourself drift – the lake is your playground of refreshment.


What could be better than starting a beautiful summer day with an enchanting mountain panorama? Imagine setting off for your favorite mountain and getting ready for an unforgettable adventure. And you know what the best part is? A cool down afterwards. With the “Wilde Wundercard” you not only get a refreshing and free cool down in the beautiful Lake Lunz, you also get free admission to various museums and attractions throughout Lower Austria. Among them also the House of the Wild – only a stone’s throw away from the Hotel Refugium Lunz!

The “Wellenklänge”-Festival in Lunz am See – 14 – 29 July 2023

The “Wellenklänge”-Festival in Lunz am See has existed since 1997 and has since gained in popularity. In the center of international artists:inside, who interpret a common theme in their own personal way. In the midst of the unique natural scenery of Lake Lunz. Many awards and successful years on the lake stage later, there is again this year a very specially designed program.

Among others, Yasmo & die Klangkantine feat. Elif Duygu // wellenklænge 2023 – we have already brought you a small excerpt as an aviso to watch, listen and feel.

The summer resort, so sublime,
on the lakeside, where we have everything.
A book, a drink, a moment,
the lake, it gives us new happiness.

About Refugium Lunz

The Refugium Lunz is the vision of a place where the desire for new things and the appreciation of the past find common expression: a house to dive into and feel good. That gives space and invites you to stay.

When you step through the gates of Refugium Lunz, you may leave your everyday life at the reception. The centuries-old vaulted arches above you give you enough space to let your thoughts wander.


Refugium Lunz
Kirchenplatz 3
3293 Lunz am See

Photo Credits: Sophie Kirchner und Georg Hofbauer