With Mezza — Maiso at Lake Neusiedl

Making the world more beautiful piece by piece? That is the vision of Mezza —Maiso. The design studio from Vienna has already created many places, spaces and objects and has considered every single one of them down to the smallest detail. Jürgen Hamberger and Verena Wohlkönig leave nothing to chance. What does it take to realize a project? Good groundwork, a lot of dedication and the willingness to go the extra mile. With the Nils am See, they recently created a new hotspot in Burgenland.

How do you put hospitality into practice? The answer can be found at Lake Neusiedl in Weiden. With a structured and individual approach, the holistic project has been successfully implemented. Every project begins with a workshop with the client on the plan. This is where a vision crystallizes. In the case of Nils am See, the aim was to create a place that exudes the lightness of a maritime vacation, where you can walk barefoot and feel nature.

Once the destination has been decided, extensive research is carried out: statistics, observations of the surroundings, studies and material analyses are just as much a part of the process as trips to international design fairs. For Nils am See, for example, they went to Maison et Objet in Paris in search of natural furniture and accessories made from rats, straw and raffia. Using appealing mood boards, atmospheric renderings and extensive plans, the hotel project was realized with a beach feeling.

Mezza—Maiso makes no compromises when selecting partners, furniture and materials.
Landscape architects Kramer & Kramer have planted the terrace and garden with fragrant and flowering plants. The heart of the boutique hotel is a light-flooded room, which is separated by a meter-high wall that turns out to be a fireplace.

“The material of the fireplace consists of Danube limestone with shell deposits, thematically matching the maritime hotel,” explains Verena Wohlkönig, co-founder of Mezza —Maiso. “Mandl & Bauer and Breitwieser Naturstein implemented the order.”

The furnishings with muted colors are a harmonious interplay of international designer furniture, for example from Gervasoni, Talenti or Ethimo. The final step is all about the many details that often make a place so special. For example, the hand-made lamps in the shape of birds float in the air. The accessories that round off the design also include products from international brands such as Maisons du Monde and Kave Home.

photos: Alex Lang