NILS x Mezza—Maiso

Welcome to the “NILS am See”, a hotel where you would prefer to stay forever. In spring 2023, this unique boutique hotel opened in Weiden am See, offering an exclusive feel-good atmosphere throughout Austria. The unique atmosphere of the “NILS am See” was created by the interior designers of Mezza—Maiso .

The Location.

An exclusive retreat on the shores of Lake Neusiedl awaits guests. Lake Neusiedl with its mild climate, enchanting nature, culinary delights and decelerated way of life magically attracts people. The “NILS am See” gives this place of longing an even more exclusive touch. The new boutique hotel blends harmoniously into the typical architecture of Weiden and, with 63 rooms and suites, offers its guests a premium package of sustainable architecture, detailed furnishings and first-class service. It is the ideal retreat for all those who are looking for peace, nature and something special and who want to feel just as secure in the hotel as they do at home.

The Inside.

The “NILS am See” was built by the architects Halbritter & Hillerbrand, and the interior designers from Mezza-Maiso were brought in by the clients to design the interior. “The hotel’s lavish and high-end architecture provided the best basis for an exceptional interior. We used our trips to the Milan and Paris furniture fairs to look for the best solutions for the hotel, and the clients accompanied us to Gervasoni’s Italian factory to experience products live,” Jürgen Hamberger explains. In the “NILS am See”, the concept of a “barefoot hotel” was pursued: Arrive, take off your shoes, feel nature under your feet and be able to move freely everywhere, just like at home. This led to the introduction of a maritime boho style that extends the sea environment into the interior of the hotel. The look is characterised by a harmonious, subtle colour concept, the generous use of natural materials such as reeds, straw, raffia and rattan weaving, soft, tactile fabrics such as linen and cotton, white brushed wooden surfaces, textured wallpaper and numerous decorative, dimmable lamps, most of which are made from recycled marine plastic.

The Retreat.

The rooms in the “NILS am See” are cosy and comfortably furnished. They are generously sized and offer enough storage space to spread out and relax. In addition, all rooms have spacious terraces or balconies with magnificent views of the lake, the harbour or the vineyards of Burgenland. Luxurious beds, an invitingly decorated lounge sofa and a tastefully designed dining area, with dining armchair by Gervasoni, invite guests to relax and linger. Other elements such as poufs and small side tables, rattan chests, selected ceiling and floor lamps, artfully placed artwork and picture rails as well as softly draping curtains and enveloping upholstery create a cosy atmosphere. The rooms are also equipped with battery lamps by Zafferano, which can be charged during the day and set the mood outdoors in the evening. Cosy blankets and cushions by Peter Dahlenburg provide warmth on chilly evenings and the scent of Natūralios Idėjos creates a comfortable indoor climate.

The Middle.

The atrium of the “NILS am See”, including the lobby, bar and bistro area, functions as an extended living room for the guests. Here they can comfortably read, chat or simply enjoy sweet idleness, all year round, thanks to the oversized fireplace.
This fireplace was designed by Mezza-Maiso and realised in collaboration with Mandl & Bauer Kamine and Breitwieser Natursteine. It is made of Danube limestone with shell deposits, in keeping with the hotel’s maritime theme, and its impressive height provides the perfect setting for the installation of the “NILS little birds” that seem to fly through the room. These figures were handmade in Belgium and fitted with lamps, which is another unusual detail of the hotel. The “NILS am See” relies on an elaborate lighting concept that combines high-quality decorative lamps with digital control technology and contributes significantly to the feel-good atmosphere.

The “NILS am See” has managed to integrate an extraordinary attention to detail in all areas of the house, promising guests a feel-good ambience at all times and in all places. The clients have given the Mezza-Maiso team unlimited freedom of design, resulting in a unique design. With high-quality materials and carefully selected details, the “NILS am See” has created a unique character.

And that’s how you bring a piece of “Nils at the lake” home!

Design-Inspo from Mezza—Maiso

Reduction: If we readers could only give one tip, it would be to have the courage to reduce. Set the scene for high-quality individual pieces instead of scattering too many decorative items around the room.

Colours: Contrasts are important, but a reduced, harmonious tone-in-tone concept is the real key to feeling good. Don’t just choose one and the same colour, but play with the entire range of the colour family. The best example: sofas with covers, cushions and blankets in different shades and textures.

Layering: A room only becomes really cosy when different materials and textures are used. Combine heavy fabrics with light ones, rough surfaces with smooth ones, wood with stone, etc.

Art: Last but not least, we can recommend high-quality works of art to all our readers. They enhance any room and create a unique atmosphere. For the “NILS am See” we worked together with the Zeller van Almsick Gallery and selected thematically appropriate works by the Viennese artist Charlotte Klobassa.

“Fotos: Alex Lang,