Vienna Design Week: Urban Food & Design

Vienna Design Week 2022

For the fifth time in a row, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the Vienna Business Agency are working together closely to create the Urban Food & Design format.

The design challenges of previous years have shown how great the innovative potential of creative engagement with the topic of urban food supply is. Now Urban Food & Design is using this groundwork as a basis to initiate real economic change processes.

In 2022, Urban Food & Design wants to develop concrete design solutions together with companies in different sectors of the food industry. An open call was held to find design solutions for sustainable innovation potentials at exemplary food companies. Designers can work on concrete challenges and present flagship projects in the festival program. The aim is to anchor circular thinking in the food industry in the long term and with demonstrable success with the help of the creative industries.

The projects:

Lorenz Snack World / EOOS Next

In a dystopian staging, the social enterprise EOOS NEXT in collaboration with LORENZ SNACKWORLD addresses the tension between morality and pleasure. For the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, an audiovisual installation aims to create awareness of global chains and interrelationships and their effects.

The snack of the future is detached from its previous appearance and thus unloads all moral and ethical burden and releases us from this zero point starting into the future.


Lena Beigel is a designer and joined the industrial design team at EOOS NEXT in 2020. Growing up on a farm, she gained important insights into complex systems such as nutrient cycles or ecological agriculture. Lena brings this specific knowledge to the projects at EOOS NEXT, helping to broaden the studio’s perspective.

Together with Harald Gruendl, Lotte Kristoferitsch is the head of the industrial design studio EOOS NEXT. Prior to the founding, Lotte worked on projects in the field of design and architecture for EOOS Design and from 2016 was project manager for the design team of the Reinvented Toilet Challenge, as well as a Project Manager for national and international exhibition contributions, such as the International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2016, the VIENNA BIENNALE 2019 and the Triennale di Milano 2019.

markta / Studio Jutta Goessl

Studies of human behaviour show how hard it is to unlearn ingrained patterns of behaviour. So how can we break the link between food packaging and the trash bin? Could a circular concept for premium packaging based on the two core functions of “transport” and “storage” be one approach?

A collection of aesthetically pleasing and useful objects that do not even raise the question of disposal? With the design of the markta collection, Studio Jutta Goessl explores the possibilities of a combined transport and storage system and tries to learn new patterns of behaviour.


Jutta Goessl is a multidisciplinary designer and art director. Since 2020, she has been running her own design studio independently between East London and a small village in Lower Austria. Jutta’s studio develops products, furniture, installations, spatial designs and experiences driven by an exploratory design approach for international clients.

GOURMET Kids / überkochen

Überkochen would like to share their experiences with the überkochen cart and the learning materials developed for it for GOURMET Kids. The Überkochen trolley, a mobile kitchen, brings communicative action, cultural diversity and the development of individual potential into the classroom. The hands-on learning connects to the students’ lives and strengthens their social skills and environmental awareness. The knowledge in the field of design, sustainability and nutrition is used to let children make conscious decisions about their daily meals and to lead a dialogue about good food with parents and children. The mobile learning station is a useful addition to the existing cooking workshop offer at GOURMET Kids. The equipment makes it easy to use for young and old.


überkochen is a team of designers and nutrition experts with a passion for good food. As a non-profit association, they promote education in the areas of nutrition and sustainable development.

Since the founding of the Munich-based association in 2018, überkochen e.V. has received a number of awards for its social and creative economic commitment.

Herd Open Kitchen / Romina Hafner : rohkonzept

New Work is nowadays the norm in many offices. But what about the kitchen as a workplace? Together with Herd Open Kitchen, rohkonzept wants to develop its own methods for cooperative kitchen design with the project ‘What’s cooking? A participatory design workshop will be held with all stakeholders to show that even highly functional and administrative processes work better when the users are in the focus.


Romina Hafner is a designer specialising in innovative office design. The participation of employees through co-creative methods is an integral part of her design process. Romina develops her own workshop formats and accompanies renovation projects from conception to planning and implementation, achieving positive effects on work processes, motivation and employee identification with the company through the democratisation of workplace design.

The Vienna Business Agency supports the implementation of innovative food projects and creative design solutions with targeted funding campaigns (

Vienna Design Week
16 – 25 September 2022