Teppichgalerie GEBA: Perfect service for the perfect carpet

GEBA - Teppichgalerie

Harald Geba finds inspiration for his carpet creations all year round. He visits international art galleries and trade fairs, spends time in nature and on trips, and also observes people on the street. This continuously gives rise to new ideas for carpet patterns and designs.

By making his carpets in Nepal, he can experiment with his design ideas as his own producer before they are finalised. In this way, a new collection is created year after year to complement the existing carpet designs.

If you cannot find the right carpet for your room in the GEBA range, we will be happy to implement your individual design wishes. Here you have the possibility not only to determine the design personally, but also to choose between different shapes, sizes, pile heights, relief structures and colours. In this way, you can give your home a very personal touch. For GEBA, all carpets are like art on the floor.

In order to make the personal GEBA dream carpet come true, the GEBA team – if desired – is also happy to come to its customers’ homes after an initial consultation. In this way, the ideas for a new carpet can be incorporated into a creative process right from the start and adapted to the room accordingly.

A subsequent visualisation of the room with and without carpet supports the decision-making process. After all, carpets have a different effect in the GEBA gallery or online shop than they do at home, as they communicate with their surroundings. For this reason, the professionals at GEBA recommend selecting a few different carpet designs in advance in the gallery or online. The GEBA team will then bring these selected carpets (as well as a few other suggestions) directly to a non-binding consultation appointment.

Every living situation is unique and has its own specificity, which can also raise questions about size and colour selection. Decades of experience help customers choose the perfect size and shape as well as the matching colours for the carpet. The rug of choice is made of 100% Tibetan highland sheep’s wool. If required, silk or other natural materials can be used to create special effects. The GEBA colour palette includes 256 individual shades that can be freely combined to realise any design. In Nepal, GEBA works with two different ateliers that specialise in the realisation of different designs.

The production time for a GEBA carpet varies depending on the size and complexity of the design and usually takes between 3 to 5 months after approval of the designs. From the initial design idea to the realisation according to Tibetan knotting tradition, every single GEBA carpet is created under fair trade conditions as a unique piece that tells a very personal story. This is exactly what gives each GEBA carpet its charm and character.


Photos: Geba GmbH