GEBA service: Modern living with the help of visualisations

Harald Geba

Carpets are not only trendy when it comes to furnishing, they also make you dream. When we get to know a new carpet we first do so with our eyes. We see its pattern, colours and shape to make a first contact. But sooner than we think, the same carpet conquers all our senses – we walk barefoot over it, feel its haptics and structure, run our fingers over it. We conquer it as a playground on which we can also sit, lie down, listen to music, talk to each other, meditate. Finally, the carpet becomes a harmonious part of our living spaces. From the bedroom or living room, to the bathroom or wellness area, to the entrance hall.


If you send GEBA a photo of your room in which you would like to place a new carpet, GEBA can advise you in the best possible way based on their many years of experience with regard to designs, colours and sizes. Using a special computer programme, they will create a visualisation of your desired Geba carpet, tailored to your needs. This gives you an impression of how the carpet will look in your home.

In November and December, GEBA will also visit you personally in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria to advise you individually on your interior design ideas and spend their time responding to your wishes and questions.


The GEBA colour palette also seems to be almost limitless and comprises 256 different colours, which can be freely combined for each design. For this purpose, the company works with two different studios, which specialises in the realisation of various designs in order to meet the individual taste. Every single GEBA carpet made under fair trade conditions is therefore unique and tells a very personal story.

Together with Geba, your carpet dream can come true.

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