SOLIDIFIED – Salone del Mobile 2024

SOLIDIFIED is a curated exhibition by established designers with a strong focus on material. Join the exhibition during Milan Design Week 2024 and discover new pieces by Rive Roshan, Rick Tegelaar, Jesse Visser, Umut Yamac and Form Editions.

SOLIDIFIED / origin and purpose

Matter can be in three states: solid, liquid and gas. The objects we use around us, that we live in and with, are usually made of solids. In the exhibition SOLIDIFIED we celebrate real solidified materials. In the world that is rapidly transforming and becoming more digitalised, more elusive and unpredictable, SOLIDIFIED wants to celebrate ‘realness’ in order to offer a ‘hold’.
This exhibition features objects and products where the materialisation and production method (the craft) are essential. Items that offer a counterbalance to a fleeting world. Tangible products that respond to and excite the senses. Innovative works with new inventions and applications not only leave the visitor amazed but also give the work meaning; meaningful manifestations.

Date and time

April 16 · 10am – April 21 · 7pm CEST


Via Carlo Farini, 35 35 Via Carlo Farini 20159 Milano Italy