Jesse Visser Designprojects engaging all senses

Jesse Visser Designprojects specializes in furniture and lighting objects that engage all the senses. Our desire to innovate production techniques and love for detailing, result in striking statement pieces that are as sober as they are poetic.

Jesse Visser Designprojects was founded by Jesse Visser in 2000. After finishing his studies at the Utrecht School of Product Design and the Piet Zwart Institute, Visser focused on creating furniture and lighting objects that go beyond the predictable. Up to this day, his approach is defined by research, craftsmanship and curiosity, leading to outspoken designs that are appreciated by clients such as galleries and architects, business and the industry alike.

Traditional materials, new meanings

The studio aims to reinvent and modify conventional combinations of materials and techniques, climaxing into unexpected production processes. Whether it’s aluminum, stainless steel, wood or stone: by reusing familiar materials in a different way, they can suddenly surprise us with a fresh perspective. This practice has resulted in various iconic and commercially successful objects, such as the origami-inspired Alumni-series of chairs or the dynamic Harold cabinet. Here, thin, expanded metal layers are overlayed, creating an intriguing moiré-effect.

Detailing and durability

Although strong, autonomous ideas and concepts lie at the heart of Jesse Visser Designprojects, the studio believes in the importance of collaborations. By cooperating with other industry professionals, be it designers, engineers or architects, we can ensure the highest quality. This not only brings out the beauty of our designs – as technical detailing and material structure become all the more pronounced -, but also increases their durability. This way, they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Design that activates the senses

Next to working with a broad range of clients and brands, such as various international galleries or Dutch labels Brothers and Sons and Hollands Licht, the studio creates limited editions that are driven by discovery and experimentation. A mirrored light installation in the shape of a triptych (Triptych Classic XL), an aluminum table with a slightly bent table top (Sphaera), a light object that mimics the movement of sunlight during sunrise and sunset (Sunset/Sunrise): these objects not only activate the eye, but the body as well. Only by moving about and taking on an active relationship with the work is it possible to experience it fully.

A moment of contemplation

In the end, Jesse Visser Designprojects aims to create a body of work that reflects con-temporary society – and simultaneously offers a refuge from it. The objects slow down time, make you sit still and think about how you relate to things and to existence itself. It is an intimate, quiet and hopefully tender moment, that inspires one to move towards a more poetic way of being.

Jesse Visser’s work has been awarded with several international awards and recognitions, such as the Silver award for ‘Balance light’, Chinese Zhongshan Lighting Design Competition, 2020; the ‘best product’ award for the Alumni chair during Design District 2015; the third price Auroralia 2010 with the Cercle lu-minaire; the Designboom Competition (honourable mention 2005) with the pro-ject Doors and the 100% Rubber Design Award 2002 with the Bunker Table. His work has been exhibited in, amongst others, Milan, New York, Cologne, London, Frankfurt, Tallin and The Netherlands.