Movement and connection: Peloton Retreat at Puradies

It was a blast! At the end of March, the Puradies Naturresort was transformed into an exclusive meeting place for fitness enthusiasts. Under the guidance of Peloton trainer Assal Arian and Peloton trainer Marcel Maurer, ten participants experienced an extraordinary weekend that combined exercise and socialising in the picturesque Alps.

Marcel Maurer & Assal Arian

Real Life Experience

Anyone who knows Peloton knows that it’s all about first-class workouts with professional trainers. You sit at home or on holiday on your bike or yoga mat, get cheered on, network with other participants and, thanks to the first-class screens and the unique sound system, the feeling of being there live is stronger than with any other online workout. But what if training became a reality for a few hours? Handshakes to greet you, being cheered on directly by the trainers and face-to-face conversations with participants? At the end of March, this became a reality at Puradies: with the Peloton Retreat and two instructors to touch!

Workout and Slow Down

The Peloton Retreat was all about physical and mental renewal. With a program ranging from morning bodyweight strength sessions, through yoga, meditation and stretch sessions, to evening mobility classes, participants were challenged to push their boundaries while finding relaxation. The combination of challenging workouts and relaxing yoga sessions allowed everyone to find their personal balance.

Personal Coaching

What made this retreat special was its intimate atmosphere. With only ten guests, a space for personal exchange was created. In an exciting fireside chat, Peloton instructors Assal and Marcel shared their knowledge about fitness routines and discussed with the participants how integrating movement into daily life can enhance not only physical but also mental health. Assal and Marcel also talked about intentions with the participants and emphasised the importance of setting goals in order to achieve lasting changes in life.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

The unique backdrop of the Puradies Naturresorts provided the perfect setting for the retreat.
Surrounded by the majestic mountain landscape of Leogang in idyllic seclusion, the participants not only found space for physical activity, but also for spiritual reflection.

photocredits: Peloton