No_Code Life, Silicon Valley: visual essay by Ramak Fazel


No_Code is an intersectional project, conceived by the Italian luxury group Tod’s. Its hybrid idea fuses emerging technology with Italian craftsmanship. It coincides with the original DNA of Silicon Valley, and this is the reason why Tod’s decided to carry out this investigation.

Tod's Book

Silicon Valley. No_Code Life

Tod’s No_Code has commissioned the Iranian-American photographer Ramak Fazel to take a journey on the road in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is a “no place”. There are no road signs that indicate where it ends and it begins: which means that from a purely geographical point of view, Silicon Valley does not exist.

The definition, Silicon Valley, was first used by journalist Don Hoeflerin an article he wrote for the weekly Electronic News in 1971, where a youngadventurous group of Californians were trying to compete against the big Texan microchip corporations. They would soon go on to creating their revolutionary ideathe personal computer.

No_Code philosophy

In November 2018, Tod’s launched the creative and cultural project No_ Code that interprets the social changes unfolding in contemporary society, providing thoughts and ideas on the topic which are translated into timely and suitable products of the moment.

The goal was to create an avant–garde and experimental environmentwithin the Tod’s Group that would allow visionaries, designers and creatives to express themselves freely and to imagine new projects that would interpret the contemporary, combining two fundamental elements: Italian artisan know-how and international cutting-edge technology.

Silicon Valley, No_Code Life is an insightful project for photography enthusiasts from Tod’s No_Code.

The purpose of this book is to propose a new point of view on the Valley, offering a tool that can investigate its true nature: known as one of the most protected areas in the world, the aim of the book is to represent real life in the Valley, going beyond what we are told by the media every day.

What lies behind the official images of the big tech companies? How do the inhabitants of this strip of Californian land below San Francisco live?  What kind of houses do its inhabitants live in? What cars do they drive? Where do tech moguls go to restaurants? Where do they meet to talk about business? How do they spend their free time?

The No_Code book

The 128-image book, shot at the end of 2019, exactly a few weeks before the pandemic changed the world, were taken by Iranian / American photographer Ramak Fazel. He describes himself as “an anthropologist with a camera around his neck“. 

Ramak crossed the roads of the valley for around 10 days to discover the secrets of Silicon Valley. He shot the local community through the lens of his inseparable Rollieflex. This unprecedented and surprising anthropological investigation uses the medium of photography to explore one of the most famous places ever.

The 190-page book, published and distributed by Rizzoli International.

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