LOUIS VUITTON: The new iconic bag model GO-14

LOUIS VUITTON proudly launches the new iconic GO-14 bag model – a unique example of the special importance of leather goods in the history of the Maison. The GO-14 was Nicolas Ghesquière’s first bag – hence its encoded name: Ghesquière October 2014, the date on which it was first seen on the runway on the occasion of the debut show of the artistic director of LOUIS VUITTON’s women’s collections. In 2023, she makes her comeback with a unique feature: the Malletage.

The Malletage – the Maison’s unique quilted pattern – revives the tradition of the historic manufacture of LOUIS VUITTON trunks. The sophisticated, crisscrossed pattern is used to line the insides of the iconic trunks. The Galon trunks were a simple invention that ensured all luggage stayed in place despite movement while traveling.

Nicolas Ghesquière took this innovation from LOUIS VUITTON and applied it to his first collection, “There are some basic design codes that are unique to Louis Vuitton. It was a matter of re-appropriating them and transferring them to a new environment.” Nicolas Ghesquière turned them into a striking signature, a graphic design language for clothing and accessories.

The reissue of GO-14 is a roomy bag – it’s covered in lambskin leather with decorative stitching that highlights the curves and soft feel of the design. From classic black and white to subtle toasty tones that bring out the subtleties of the texture, the GO-14 is launched in all finishes.

The bag is versatile – depending on your mood, it can be worn in different ways: over the shoulder or with the jewelry chain; on the arm or in the hand. The chain can also be worn double thanks to the new spring system.

The GO-14 is an artistic masterpiece and the epitome of the heritage of the French Maison. The Malletage – constantly evolving since the first trunks – is a real challenge for the artisans. The creative process requires more than 20 different steps, including the utmost care in patination to ensure a satin or “toasted” finish and to perfect the subtle color gradations.

A high-precision technique is also required for the application of the 17-meter trim to obtain the rounded shape of each GO-14. The bag model is characterized by a very complex savoir-faire, far more complex than traditional quilting.