INSIDE Einrichtungen: a discreet style statement at the THE Stylemate & Lifestylehotels™ Office

In an old building in the centre of Graz, amid the urban hustle and bustle, you’ll find the headquarters of Lifestylehotels, where Robert Eisenberger from INSIDE Einrichtungen gave the innovative company the space to make a discreet style statement.

High ceilings, elegant parquet flooring and large windows formed the foundation that interior designer Robert Eisenberger had to work with. The basic concept that immediately came to his mind was that the furnishings should be as understated as possible so as to be able to highlight the things that make the THE Stylemate and Lifestylehotels business stand out. You only have to enter the reception area to see that that’s been achieved.

Inside Einrichtungen

Previously restricted to white and with no reference to the company or the products it makes, you can now tell from the entrance exactly where you are thanks to the showcasing of the company’s print products. Against a background of anthracite walls, we’re now greeted by colourful masterpiece that’s appropriately lit and displayed.

Inside Einrichtungen

“We wanted to create an atmosphere that corresponds with the innovative character of the company, and makes reference to the content it is known for,”

explains INSIDE CEO, Robert Eisenberger.

The wall in front of you is devoted to the Lifestylehotels book, which is exhibited in small items of modular furniture by Montana to give the effect of a type case. The Montana modules are positioned in a grid layout on the wall and act as a small theatre of window displays to create a presentation space for the books published every year. The reception area forgoes the use of the company logo as the products are the most powerful representation of the Lifestylehotels brand. The colour of enamelled water-blue tiles on a vintage fireplace has been picked up on the walls and rugs in the reception area.

Inside Einrichtungen

Art, wallpaper and accessories

Moving into the office where the administrative staff are based, you encounter a clean and pared-back environment so you can focus your full attention on exactly what happens here. The open-plan space boasting large windows forms a contrast with the management offices. The furniture has been kept low – no sideboard is allowed to exceed the normal desk height of 75 cm so as to give the art, wallpaper and accessories the opportunity to shine.

“Managing director Thomas Holzleithner has a great affinity for art and we quickly agreed how we wanted to proceed,”

says the interior designer.

Inside Einrichtungen
INO lights from XAL, sideboard from Lapalma

Desks and sideboards by Lapalma have been incorporated into the design. Large-scale wallpaper by Glamora has been used on some of the walls as a design feature – in some places it has been applied to a panel set away from the wall to create a focal point in the room. At the same time, the acoustics of the room are optimised thanks to these panels and the thick-pile rugs by Object Carpet.

Inside Einrichtungen

Stark contrasts

The offices of the two managing directors have been limited to black, allowing them to become bright, light-filled rooms, with lamps by Wever & Ducré and XAL having the effect of installations. In one of the offices, there is a bay window that’s been accentuated with upholstered furniture from Moroso, designed by Patricia Urquiola. The ellipse-shaped meeting table has the advantage of creating an additional seating option. The matching chairs with delicate colour accents in gold are from Petrali. In the other office, an understated sofa by Wittmann steals the show.

Across the corridor, you come to the kitchen and a dining area where Montana furniture has been combined with pieces from Kartell. Returning to the reception area, you’re struck by the special surface on the furniture, which doesn’t show any finger prints thanks to a nano coating. You take one more glance at the boxes showcasing the books and are duly shown back out.

Inside Einrichtungen
Montana bookcases and console table

Photos: Walter Lutternberger

Inside Einrichtungen

Robert Eisenberger
CEO at INSIDE Einrichtungen Graz

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