Grace Elizabeth and Anok Yai dance a couture duet for Vogue Japan – a fashion film by Nick Knight

A fashion film by Nick Knight

Nick Knight showcases Grace Elizabeth and Anok Yai dancing a couture duet as they swirl and giggle in this ethereal fashion film for Vogue Japan’s January 2020 issue. Dressed in frou-frou feathered and structured couture, material and model float and twirl to become one.

Direction: Nick Knight
Fashion: Yui Sugiyama
Models: Anok Yai, Grace Elizabeth
Styling: Sarajane Hoare
Hair:Sam McKnight
Make-up: Lisa Eldridge
Nails: Marian Newman Film
Edit: Raquel Couceiro
Film: Raquel Couceiro and Myles Henrik Hall Set
Design: Andrew Tomlinson Couture Designer and Prop
Stylist: Deborah Milner Sound
Mix: Michael Gossage
Casting: Piergiorgio Del Moro at DM Casting
Digital Operation: Joe Colley
DIT: Michael Gossage
Production: Liberte Production
Photographic Assistance: Thomas Alexander, Ralph Lawson, Stefan Ebelewicz, Gabor Herczegfali, George Read
Styling Assistance: Wojtek van Portek, Aliénor Mocoeur
Set Design Assistance: David Konix, Alfie McHugh
Make-up Assistance: Polly Doggett, Jessie Richardson, Roberta Kearsey
Hair Assistance: Fabio Petri
Production Assistance: Jessica Chant, Alice Carlet
Live Stream: Ottilie Landmark, Imogen Smith

By SHOWstudio

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