The Hedonist: A Cocktail on the couch by Drinks At Home

Staying in is the new going out: With the bottled cocktail from Drinks At Home, you can turn your own living room into your new favourite bar, and it’ll serve more than just gin and tonic.

Fresh interpretations of the classics and innovative creations from noteworthy Austrian bartenders are ready-mixed in bottles and delivered to your home. All you need to do is put ice cubes in a glass, pour the cocktail in it, add a garnish and enjoy, and you don’t need to worry about closing time. Cheers!

Hedonist Cocktail by Drinks At Home

The description

Dry, Mediterranean, loaded with citrus, slightly sharp and refreshing: the cocktail the Hedonist adds a summer holiday feel to the bar atmosphere and lifts the spirits.

Bartender Damir Bušić

The Bartender

Multi-award-winning Damir Bušić runs
Liquid Diary in Innsbruck, allows guests
to use the cocktail menu as a diary, takes
inspiration from the Alpine and Mediterranean surroundings and loves aromatic

The Ingredients

Belvedere vodka, orange, lemon, lime, rosemary, ginger, Supersawa, rhubarb, tonic.

Hedonist Cocktail by Drinks At Home

The Glass

Slim and robust: that’s how a highball glass should be so the carbon dioxide doesn’t escape too quickly and the sparkle lasts longer. A good example is one by Riedel from the Drink Specific Glassware range.

Hedonist Cocktail by Drinks At Home

The Preparation

Place whole ice cubes in the glass, pour in the cocktail, garnish with lemon peel and a sprig of rosemary and top up with tonic as required.

Hedonist Cocktail by Drinks At Home

The Basis

A vodka fizz is the sparkling version of the vodka sour, with vodka, lemon juice and sugar being topped up with soda.

Photos: yiting_photo, Drinks at home

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