Drinks At Home: Premium Bottled Cocktails to enjoy at home

Drinks at Home

Drinks At Home brings together some of Austria’s most renowned bartenders who stay true to their unique style in Bottled Cocktails.

The concept comes from cocktail legend Kan Zuo, operator of THE Sign Cocktail Lounge, during the first lockdown. The idea of being able to continue enjoying fancy cocktail creations as well as bringing the first-class Austrian bar culture home was immediately met with lively interest from cocktail fans and led to a great demand within a short time.

The biggest challenge was to package the individual ingredients in such a way that they do not lose their flavours and are also easy to mix at home.

Kan Zuo

Drinks At Home now offers 16 different premium bottled cocktails from 8 renowned bars in Austria, which are delivered to your home throughout Austria. Newly interpreted cocktail classics and harmonious own creations make up the carefully compiled Drinks At Home menu.

Drinks at Home

In addition to a lot of passion, years of bartending experience and know-how flow into the hand-filled bottles, which are each available in 2 sizes (200ml and 500 ml). There is also a “Perfect Serve” suggestion on each bottle.

The most renowned bartenders in Austria

The creative potential and passion of the Drinks at Home bartenders is not only evident in their extraordinary and innovative cocktail creations, but also in the numerous prizes recently awarded to the best in the industry. For example, Isabella Lombardo/ LVDWIG Bar was named Barmaid of the Year (by Rolling Pin), Oltion Mehmetaj/The Churchill Bar was named Most Innovative Bartender (by Falstaff Cocktail & Wine Bar Guide 2022), Kan Zuo/ THE Sign Cocktail Lounge was named Bartender of the Year (by Freizeit Kurier) and Damir Bušić with his Liquid Diary Cocktailbar was named Bar of the Year (by Rolling Pin).

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Simply pour, garnish & enjoy! Handmade bottled cocktails based on exceptional premium spirits, bottled to the purest perfection by Austria’s top cocktail bars:


created by Bartender Gilles Reuter
Die Parfümerie Bar, Vienna

Fresh. Full-bodied. Seductive – this cocktail shines with its intense flavour, but is still round and drinkable.

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Belvedere Vodka, Elderflower, Verjus, Bay Laurel, Cinzano, Citrus

A Homage to the classic vodka sour

Campo di Basilico

created by Bartenders Zoran Djurovic & “Baba” Sy
First American Bar
, Vienna

Refreshing. Lemony. Mediterranean-herbal. This cocktail is like a short holiday in Capri: refreshing, mediterranean, relaxing, full-bodied and romantic. It is perfect for a promising evening for two!

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Belvedere Vodka, Elderberry Liqueur, Supasawa, Olive Bitters, Basilicum

A Hommage to Basil Smash


created by Bartender Damir Bušić
The Liquid Diary, Innsbruck

With sunny prospects. The Hedonist is a refreshment – not only on sunny days it lures with sunny views for everyone. A wonderful drink that transports you to the friendly mediterranean south in seconds and brightens your mood.

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Belvedere Vodka, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Rosemary, Ginger, Supersava, Rhubarb, Tonic

A Hommage to Vodka Fizz

Into the Wild

created by Bartender Isabella Lombardo
LVDWIG Bar, Vienna

Free. Wild. Adventurous.

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Belvedere Vodka , Ginger, Cardamom , Pepper, Supasawa, Hakuma

La Gurk’aracha

created by Bartender Matty Vinnitski
Matiki Bar, Vienna

Cha. Cha. Cha. Sweet escape to Mexico! The Highlands and Lowlands unite to refresh you. Mmmh, cucumber…

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila, Cucumber, Pernod, Agave, Amaretto, Supasawa

A Hommage to Tommy’s Margarita

Safran Mule

created by Bartender Oltion Edon
The Churchill Bar, Graz

Stunning. Elegant. Sexy. The Saffron Mule has succeeded in combining two exciting, almost mystical worlds: The northern Scottish Highlands, represented by Glenmorangie Original, and the Persian region, represented by elegant safra, and rose petals, combine to create this delicious twist on the legendary Horse’s Neck cocktail. Those who like delicate, smooth and multi-faceted whisky cocktails will love this drink!

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Glenmorangie Original , Soraya – Persian Saffron Liqueur, Citrus, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper, Ginger Beer

A Hommage to Horse’s Neck


created by Bartender Gerhard Wanderer
Nightfly’s American Bar, Vienna

Floral. Dedicated. Elegant. Skydancer is a surprisingly pleasant tequila-based Negroni variation. The balanced, subtle flavour suggests an imaginative “dance above the clouds”.

Drinks At Home

Ingredients: Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila, White Port, Elderberry, Verjus, Absinthe

A Hommage to Negroni

Tahona Gimlet

created by Bartender Kan Zuo
The Sign Lounge, Vienna

Filigree. Balanced. Aromatic. A tequila gimlet variation not to be missed!!! Here your spirit of adventure is awakened and if you dare, you can look forward to the wonderfully aphrodisiac effect.

Ingredients: Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila, Vermouth , Rhubarb, Celery

A Hommage to Gimlet

X Faktor

created by Bartender Damir Bušić
The Liquid Diary, Innsbruck

The golden buzzer. Here we drink an Old Fashioned Twist that hides so many flavours and releases them when you drink and smell it that you want to press the golden buzzer.

Ingredients: Glenmorangie X, Marille, Vanilla Patchouli, Moroccan Bitters

A Hommage to Old Fashioned

Churchill´s Pandemic Cure

created by Bartender Flamur Bajgora
The Churchill Bar, Graz

Sweet & sour. Intense. Bitterly refreshing. The idea behind Pandemice Cure is simple: it was created as a lockdown baby to get everyone through this exciting time in the best possible way.

Ingredients: Belvedere Pure Vodka, Albanian Mountain Tea, Homemade Rosemary Essence, Sugar, Lemon

Earl Grey Collins

created by Bartender Gerhard Wanderer
Nightfly’s American Bar, Vienna

Tasty. Smooth. Refreshing. THE 24/7 refreshing drink for young and old. Delicious, invigorating and at the same time pleasantly flavourful long drink – an ideal companion for the whole evening!

Ingredients: Belvedere Vodka, Demmers Earl Grey Royal Tea, Lemon Bitters, Sugar, Soda

A Hommage to Tom Collin

Good Old Pal

created by Bartenders Zoran Djurovic Ababacar & “Baba” Sy
First American Bar, Vienna

Intense. Fruity. Nutty. The Good Old Pal is a homage to true cocktail classics like Manhattan and Rusty Nail: Slightly altered & recomposed.

Ingredients: Glenmorangie 12 Single Malt, Ron Johan Old Plum Rum, Drambuie, Lime, Chocolate

A Hommage ato Rusty Nail

Peach Booty

created by Bartender Isabella Lombardo
LVDWIG Bar, Vienna

Elegant. Sensual. Refreshing.

Ingredients: Glenmorangie The Original (10y Single Malt), Peach, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse, Orange, Dry Tonic.

A Hommage to Last Word

White Negroni Highball

created by Bartender Kan Zuo
The Sign Lounge, Vienna

Bitter. Lemony taste. Fresh. This drink is inspired by the classic Negroni, BUT with a twist. Enjoy it as an aperitif, to start a romantic dinner or at sunset with your best friends.

Ingredients: Belvedere Heritage 176, Bergamot, Gentian Liqueur, Vermouth, Lemon, Soda

Warsaw Mule

created by Bartender Nathalie Wenko
Die Parfümerie Bar, Vienna

Fizzy, spicy, easy drinking. What can you expect from the Warsaw Mule? This much we can reveal: this is where Mule meets Aperitivo. It convinces with pleasant spiciness and a little acidity. Affectionately we say: The Moscow Mule for cool people!

Ingredients: Belvedere Pink Grapefruit Vodka, Orange, Pink Pepper, Lemon, Aperol, Sage, Ginger Beer

Va t’faire…

created by Bartender Arik Vinnitski
Matiki Bar, Vienna

Fresh. Fruity. Herbal. This Mai Tai Twist transports you to a summery paradise with every sip. A balanced, fruity and spicy blend that can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Ingredients: Hennessy Very Special (V.S) Cognac, Guyana Rum, Peach Liqueur, Lemon, Falernum (with Almonds), Angustura Bitters.

A Hommage to Mai Tai

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Drinks At Home is the perfect partner for company events or to give pleasure to employees or business partners. Everything from the complete processing, individualisation options in the form of branded greeting cards, gift ribbons or similar, to shipping/delivery to desired delivery addresses is taken care of from a single source.

Photos: Drinks at Home, David Johansson