Making things by hand is in no way “old school” at Creative Industries Styria. Styrian Products exhibit a blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern design and computer technology. This combination doesn’t just result in accurate and high-quality work, it also makes for extraordinary designs and products that have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. Here are our top three.

What is CAD?

CAD stands for computer aided design, which is a specialist software application used in various industries to create technical drawings, models and plans. CAD programs enable designers, engineers, architects and other experts to create accurate and detailed drawings of products, buildings and other structures.

How does 3D printing work?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a manufacturing process whereby three-dimensional objects are built up layer by layer by gradually adding material, rather than removing it from a single block (as is the case with traditional subtractive manufacturing, during which material is removed to form the desired object). The process is based on digital 3D models designed on a computer or derived from 3D scans – usually in CAD programs.

Styrian Products is a programme from Creative Industries Styria that showcases design from the Styria region of Austria – both online and offline. The result is a refined collection of around 100 exceptional products that were all developed, designed and made in Styria.

Geometric Collection Jewellery – Hexa Triple

The jewellery pieces from the GEOMETRIC COLLECTION designed by 13&9 Design were developed using CAD programs and unite modern CNC technology with traditional Austrian craftsmanship. What’s particularly unique about them is the use of the high-quality architectural material Corian. The flowing forms of an ellipse and the creative possibilities of the hexagon served as sources of inspiration.

13&9 Design is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Graz, Austria, founded by Martin Lesjak, managing director of renowned architectural firm INNOCAD, and designer Anastasija Lesjak. The team works closely with specialist partners, from concept through to production, and is involved in various fields, including lighting, furniture, floor coverings, fashion, accessories, exhibition design and sound design.

Recover – XAL

With its RECOVER innovation, XAL has brought the transformative power of daylight into interior spaces. This lighting system is designed to support people’s natural biorhythm and promote well-being and recovery by mimicking the flow of natural light using changes in colour temperature.

Since it was founded in Graz in 1989, XAL has evolved into a company with an incredible 1,300 employees. Its core area of specialism is creating contemporary and aesthetically appealing lights and lighting systems with exemplary design attributes.

DA27 x Lasnik

Renowned glasses designer Martin Lasnik has collaborated with star footballer David Alaba to develop innovative 3D-printed glasses with eye-catching gold detailing. These glasses boast an unconventional octagonal shape and mirrored lenses, thereby setting a new benchmark in the glasses industry and serving as an exceptional example of creative design.

Martin Lasnik excels at creating extraordinary products, including well-known brand SEEOO and his particularly remarkable collection 13&9 Eyewear – Diamond Shades, which was developed in partnership with 13&9 Design. This collection parts ways with conventional standards and explores totally new creative paths that are far removed from the mainstream.

Photocredits: Markus Mansi, XAL, 13_9Design, Gerald Liebminger – Robert LaRoche