Andrea Brocca – “SENANAYAKE”

Andrea Brocca, the Italian-Sri Lankan fashion designer, who was raised in Dubai, has just released his Central Saint Martins FDM class of 2020 graduate collection.

The graduation collection, “Senanayake,” is named after his mother’s family’s name.

“Senanayake”, my mother’s family name, is modelled by my sister and created under quarantine and COVID19 restrictions. Inspired by my mother’s dual-identity, her Sri Lankan heritage, and who she was in the Eighties. She is a woman of opulence who never revealed her past or her family.

Andrea Brocca

“For this collection I analysed, researched and interacted with my Italian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern heritage to create a vision born from my multi cultural identity. Focusing on my mysterious Sri Lankan roots, I am tearing through the superficial in the quest of unearthing the understructure of my mother’s identity, and thus mine; reflected as I shred apart look 3 giving birth to look 4 – the understructure – in my film.”

The aim is to create a Haute Couture inspired fantasy.

Andrea Brocca

“I am using traditional glamorous couture fabrics but subverting them in a contemporary statement in terms of my cultural identity; multi cultural and globally diverse research is in itself a contemporary way of understanding the traditional idea of Haute Couture.”

Creative Director: Andrea Brocca
Videographer: Marvin Burayag
Video editor: Stavros Antypas
Model: Chantal Brocca
Set manager: Laura Brocca
Set design: Abdulla Elmaz
Make up: Athina Doutis
Garments & Art work: Andrea Brocca
Animation: Thomas Rackl