ALO Yoga: The fusion of fashion and well-being

ALO Yoga is a brand that specialises in yoga clothing and equipment with a focus on style, functionality and sustainability. Since its founding, ALO Yoga has established itself as a leader in yoga fashion, inspiring both yoga enthusiasts and fashionistas worldwide. With a philosophy that combines fashion with a consious lifestyle, ALO Yoga is setting new standards in the industry.

History and origin

ALO Yoga was founded in Los Angeles in 2007 by Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge. The name ALO stands for “Air,” “Land,” and “Ocean,” representing the three elements that are central to the brand’s philosophy. The founders wanted to create a brand that not only offers functional and fashionable yoga clothing, but also promotes a deeper connection to nature and personal well-being.


ALO Yoga`s designs are known for their combination of style and comfort. Each garment is designed with freedom of movement and performance in mind, without compromising on aesthetics. From seamless leggings and trendy crop tops to cosy hoodies and stylish sports bras, ALO Yoga offers a wide range of products that are equally at home in the yoga studio as they are in everyday life.

A special feature of the brand is the use of high-quality materials that are not only durable but also environmentally friendly. ALO Yoga focuses on sustainable production processes and ensures that its products are manufactured under fair working conditions.

Sustainability and ethics

ALO Yoga places great importance on sustainability and ethical business practices. The brand prides itself on using eco-friendly materials and minimising its carbon footprint. Through initiatives such as the use of recycled fabrics and the implementation of energy-efficient production methods, ALO Yoga is helping to protect the environment. In addition, the brand is committed to fair labour conditions and supporting the communities where its products are made.

Community and Engagement

Another important aspect of the ALO Yoga brand is its commitment to the yoga community. The brand regularly organises yoga events, workshops and retreats to inspire and bring people together. These events provide a platform for yoga teachers, students and enthusiasts to share, learn and grow together.

ALO Yoga also has a strong presence on social media and uses these platforms to spread its message of mindfulness and wellbeing. Through inspiring content and collaborations with well-known influencers and yoga teachers, the brand reaches a wide audience and promotes a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Celebrity followers

ALO Yoga has an impressive list of celebrity followers, including Hollywood stars, top models and professional athletes. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing the brand’s stylish outfits. This celebrity endorsement has helped to raise the profile of ALO Yoga and strengthen its influence in the fashion and fitness world.