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Gruppenfoto Design Studio Neko Diseño NEKO: Hiroshi Ikenaga, Alice Pegman, Daniel Olvera, Karime Tosca, Photo: NEKO

by Diseño Neko

A planter like a tree

Tokani planter is a unique planter made of white ceramics that resembles a tree trunk with different branches. The name derives from the Náhuatl language in which it means ‘sower’. The single pot pieces, which can hold four plants, are stacked onto each other. When you water the plant placed on top, the water filters to all the other pots and keeps them perfectly moist.

Photos. Diseño Neko

Designer: Diseño NEKO

NEKO is a design studio that was set up by four partners in Mexico City in 2005:
Alice Pegman, Karime Tosca, Hiroshi Ikenaga and Daniel Olvera. With their vision of design, eco-design principles and a passion for challenges, they develop a wide range of products and services – from bracelets to double-decker bicycle racks.

Team Designstudio Neko Mexico
Photo: Diseño Neko

Interview by Nina Prehofer

What is the connection between your design and Mexico City?

We wanted to create a design that would bring a little piece of nature into a city flat. The piece is called “Tokani”, which means “sower” in Nahuatl, an indigenous language of central Mexico and Mexico City.

What makes the piece special?

We originally designed the piece in partnership with “Arta Ceramica”, a ceramics studio that invited designers to create new objects for an exhibition. We wanted to use the material for a large piece, and when we decided on a plant pot, we knew that we wanted to produce something special and something different. The various sections are fitted one on top of the other, and the water filters through from the top to all the plants.

Where do you find inspiration?

In Chapultepec Park. At the heart of one of the world’s largest cities, this is a peaceful, wooded oasis. Whether we are on foot or on the bike, relaxing or visiting one of the museums, it is to us one of the most inspiring parts of the city.

Your café recommendation?

Sometimes, we start our day with a good espresso or cappuccino from “Chiquitito Café” in La Condesa or “Centro Café de Autor” in La Nápoles. For breakfast, break and cakes, “Maque” in La Condesa is amazing.


Year: 2010
Material: Ceramic
Measurements: h 82 cm, d 30 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Category: Product Design
Producer: Arta Cerámica – contact per email
Joined WWTC: 2019

planter desidned by mexican sdesign studio
Photo: Diseño Neko


Buy online at Arta Cerámica here
Price in € (incl. Tax): 180,- (Status Spring 2019)