The elite Bonacossa Tennis Club in Milan makes a stylish statement

Style and sophistication at the Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa with the iconic Synthesis furniture by Unopiù

The Synthesis collection by Unopiù was chosen by the Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa to enrich its outdoor areas with style and elegance.

With the installation of the new furniture, members of the Tennis Club Bonacossa can enjoy an even more welcoming and sophisticated outdoor space, perfect for relaxing before and after matches.

Synthesis by Unopiù is a contemporary collection with a minimalist design: the eye-catching combination of teak and handwoven WaProLace® synthetic fibre helps enhance the purity of the lines. Craftsmanship and attention to detail characterise each piece in the collection: tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, loungers, and alcoves.

The Tennis Club Bonacossa, founded in 1923 by Count Alberto Bonacossa and designed by renowned architect Giovanni Muzio, boasts an illustrious history. The current location, which was opened in the same year, quickly became a landmark in Italian and international tennis, establishing itself not only as a sports centre but also as a meeting place for sportsmen, politicians, artists, friends and social figures, becoming Milan’s flagship venue.

The Tennis Club Bonacossa’s preference for Unopiù was driven by the desire to partner with a great Italian brand, known for its tradition in design and product quality, with a long history like that of the club.

The collaboration between the Tennis Club Bonacossa and Unopiù highlights a bond based on shared values of elegance, quality, and attention to detail, perfectly embodied in the Synthesis collection with its fine materials and careful workmanship.