Lefkara, a picturesque mountain village and one of the oldest villages in Cyprus. Here, narrow alleyways nestle against the mountain, lined with traditional stone houses and charming little shops. The scent of basil wafts through the air and a cat curls up cosily on the ground on every corner, adding to the sense of relaxation. Lefkara is famous for its filigree silver work, but above all for its lace, the “Lefkaritika”, a craft that is passed on from mother to daughter and requires a great deal of patience and skill. For some time now, the village has also been home to the Austrians Julian Epok and Christoph Pliessnig and their gallery t.a.s.©, a space for art, creative work, expression and exchange.

The partnership between Julian Epok and Christoph Pliessnig reflects the charming uniqueness of Lefkara. While Julian is a creative visionary dedicated to design, Christoph is the architect of strategic plans. From intimate dinner parties to sensational art exhibitions, they not only “curate” art, but also create sensual experiences. The t.a.s.© space in Lefkara is more than a gallery or concept store; it is a vibrant meeting place for culture. The 360-degree concept of t.a.s.© not only includes visual art, but also integrates soundscapes and design, including a specially created fragrance. Here, visitors are touched in a variety of ways and invited into an immersive artistic world.

Julian’s art is currently on display. Photographs and neon installations hang on the walls. But he still sees himself as a painter. He dropped out of his studies at the Angewandte in Vienna after just one semester.

„For me, the focus there was too much on what divides us. But for me, it’s always about bringing people together,” says Julian.

You can sense this when you are a guest at one of their dinner parties in the gallery in the charming inner courtyard, which is also used as a champagne and oyster bar. For Christoph and Julian, a dinner evening is an art in itself. Guests are “curated” and brought together, the act of eating should be sensual, you can also eat with your fingers and paw around. Chef friends are invited to serve delicacies such as kritharaki (small rice noodles, prepared like a risotto), tostadas or a “simple” seafood platter with oysters, caviar and prawns from the office in the gallery. The table decoration is a work of art in itself, created by Sofia, the centrepiece of the t.a.s.©-teams.


The two have already created a second space in Vienna: the Vienna Suite. The international orientation of t.a.s.© was pursued from the very beginning – with the aim of establishing several locations and using synergies to realise an ambitious gallery programme for different markets and interests.

The logical choice for the second location was Vienna, bearing in mind the Austrian roots of the two young initiators. Based on the concept in Cyprus, t.a.s.© Vienna Suite pursues the idea of a “360-degree art project”; associations with the Wiener Werkstätte at the beginning of the 20th century are not so far off. Here, fine art and design, culinary art and fashion are combined. The two are already planning Paris. The young, committed minds are striving to present their art and expression not only locally, but internationally.

In doing so, they celebrate the diversity of creative work and artistic perspectives on a global scale. In Lefkara, t.a.s.© is not just a business; it is a cultural contribution. The first location in Cyprus aims not only to appeal to locals, but also to leave a cultural impact. With events and projects centred around traditional craftsmanship, for example, t.a.s.©, tries to give something back to the community and actively involve people in the artistic process.


Cyprus, you can feel it, the good vibe that seems to be in the island air. People who barely know each other and fall into each other’s arms, euphoric and talking about their lives with a sparkle in their eyes. It is said that the Greek goddess Aphrodite came and planted a pomegranate tree on Cyprus, and with it came love. Perhaps this is how this love story between an island and the people who, despite everything, prioritise what unites them over what divides them came about.

Christoph and Julian met through a friend. It was actually about an investment by Julian in Christoph’s company Teroxx. Then Christoph attended one of Julian’s dinner parties, where the idea of travelling across borders together was born. Christoph, already based in Cyprus with his company, invited Julian – the rest of their story together can now be seen and experienced. The two are united by their passion, energy and ambition. And this despite the fact that the two are “complete opposites”, as Christoph emphasises. If Julian went to the right, Christoph would go to the left. But that is probably why there is the greatest possible harmony between them.

Incidentally, you can choose what t.a.s.© stands for yourself. In this way, the logo also becomes an abstract work of art and you can be surprised by what your own brain spits out after a visit or an event. In any case, Christoph and Julian’s aim is to create a total work of art with all their actions that has an impact.