SUSA KREUZBERGER: keep it simple and sophisticated

Susa Kreuzberger

With a passion for craftsmanship, artistically refined unique fashion pieces and small series for self-confident women are created in the industrial-looking SUSA KREUZBERGER studio and showroom in Vienna’s fourth district.

From now on, these can also be admired and ordered in the brand-new online shop or custom-made as MADE TO ORDER on request. With great attention to detail, unmistakable individual pieces are made from exquisite fabrics – some hand-dyed, painted and decorated with individual prints. Actress and singer Edita Malovčić is the testimonial for the current campaign. Clear cuts, timeless colour designs and the play with the possible give SUSA KREUZBERGER’s creations their characteristic touch. In short: “KISS: keep it simple and sophisticated”.

Susa Kreuzberger Atelier

„Madame with a mission“ 

Under the title “Madame with a mission”, designer SUSA KREUZBERGER has been pursuing a clear goal for many years: avant-garde creations that are also suitable for everyday use, away from the trend-oriented fashion world. She was influenced by her time as a punk in the 80s. It was here that Kreuzberger unleashed her creativity – the Vivienne Westwood of Vienna was born. Free of all norms, SUSA KREUZBERGER still develops artistically refined individual pieces and small series. Many pieces are hand-dyed, painted and decorated with individual prints by the designer with a love of detail. Interdisciplinary collaborations with other female artists also flow into SUSA KREUZBERGER’s fashion creations. The designer’s political and feminist stance is also often noticeable in her collections.

I see the clothes I design as an extension and complement of the body. Fashion is like a second skin, a protective shell. And the beauty of it is that fashion can awaken feelings. There is no wrong body, but there is the right cut for every body. The most important thing is that the wearer feels comfortable in her clothes and this results from a good cutting technique, high-quality workmanship and selected material,

emphasises SUSA KREUZBERGER, designer and founder of the label of the same name.

The concept of the interplay of high-quality materials and flowing movements of all fashion pieces flatters the female silhouette and offers space to develop individually. Thus, the industrial-looking SUSA KREUZBERGER studio & showroom in Vienna’s fourth district is a place for women who appreciate quality and individuality.

Susa Kreuzberger Showroom

A label that takes responsibility

SUSA KREUZBERGER stands for the joy of experimenting with structure and form. Variation and deconstruction of cuts ensure constant change as well as development of the handmade unique pieces. At the same time, the collections place great emphasis on minimalist and reduced design.

Susa Kreuzberger Design

The colour scheme of the creations focuses on reduced nuances in black, white and grey, complemented by selected coloured accents. Detached from any fashion trends, timeless and durable designs are created.

Susa Kreuzberger

I want to keep ‘the play with the possible’ going, regardless of age and seasonal trends,

SUSA KREUZBERGER sums up her motivation.

Photo: Flora P

In this way, the fast pace of fast-fashion is countered with high-quality and enduring models. The characteristic, everlasting unique fashion pieces are underlined by first-class, natural materials and local production.

“Each model is purely handmade and is cut, processed and finished in a variety of artistic ways in the SUSA KREUZBERGER studio. The fabrics used are sourced directly from the manufacturer in Italy. This ensures sustainability thoroughly,” explains the designer.


The brand new online shop now makes it possible to admire and order the handmade individual pieces beyond the borders of Vienna. Selected pieces can also be custom-made as MADE TO OR products at the customer’s request to match the existing size. The measurements for this can either be taken independently at home or professionally in the SUSA KREUZBERGER studio. As of now, the purist creations by SUSA KREUZBERGER are also available online.

The website also has a new look. In addition to the current collection, those interested can gain insights into the Viennese studio and showroom as well as into the creative work of the designer.

Kettenbrückengasse 20
1040 Vienna
Wed-Fr 12-18h, Sa 11-15h

Photos: Felix Vratny