Strohboid Lounge: Your new outdoor oasis from MH Residence

The Strohboid Lounge is a true masterpiece in the outdoor space and offers endless possibilities to transform your hotel or garden into a place of relaxation and creativity. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Strohboid Lounge and let yourself be enchanted!

The all-rounder in the outdoor sector

The Strohboid Lounge is no ordinary tent construction, but a versatile space that can be used for different purposes.

Yoga and Spa: Imagine transforming this oasis of calm into a peaceful retreat for yoga and meditation. The natural surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for inner harmony and balance. Or better yet, create your own outdoor massage or spa room from it to create a unique outdoor wellness experience.

Relaxation outdoors: Here, the Strohboid Lounge opens up countless possibilities. Whether in the garden, on a flowering meadow, in the shady forest or at the edge of a sparkling pool – this lounge creates a cosy retreat to enjoy the wonders of nature to the full. Why not create an outdoor library where you can sink into books in the middle of nature and completely switch off?

Childcare and playground: However, as opposed to a retreat, the lounge can also be transformed into a creative play island for children to ensure outdoor fun and entertainment.

Culinary Outside: Nothing stands in the way of a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars with the Strohboid Lounge to create unforgettable memories. But a delicious breakfast al fresco also becomes a truly magical experience here, where you can experience nature up close.

Working from Outdoor: If you are working from home or travelling on business, this lounge can be effortlessly transformed into a meeting room or office. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for the ultimate workstation.

Versatile design

The special thing about the Strohboid Lounge is that you can design the interior entirely according to your wishes and ideas. You have the freedom to shape this space in the way that best suits your décor, your hotel concept or your current mood. And the best part? The Strohboid Lounge is designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor living. It defies the elements, is weatherproof and wind-resistant, and keeps the inside temperature comfortable on hot summer days. It allows you to enjoy outdoor life to the fullest all year round, whatever the weather conditions. The Strohboid Lounge – your gateway to boundless freedom and inspiration outdoors. Welcome to your new outdoor oasis from MH Residence!

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