Step by step: the path to your dream carpet with Geba

Harald Geba’s carpets tell stories of travelling, nature and art. Still can’t find the right piece for your own home? We’ve got you covered, because Geba also produces carpets according to very specific wishes. Step by step, you can create your personal dream rug…

The Geba style

In art galleries, at trade fairs, in nature, when travelling or simply observing people – there is a lot that inspires Harald Geba to create new carpets. Because the designer is also conveniently his own producer, he benefits from being able to experiment with his ideas before they are finally realised. Year after year, a new collection is created to complement the many artistic designs that are already part of the Geba universe.

The carpet of your dreams

Yes, you may like the designs, but do you have your own ideas for your living room? No problem. With Geba, every individual design wish can be realised. Shape, size, pile height, relief structure and colours – all of these can be freely selected and transferred to the desired design. Your personalised work of art for the floor is just a few steps away and, of course, you are not left to your own devices.

Off we go

First of all, a trained interior design consultant comes directly to your home to take a look at the situation on site. Carpets communicate with their surroundings, they look very different in a gallery or online shop than in your own home. It is therefore advisable to select a few different carpet designs in advance, which are then brought directly from Geba to the first appointment.

Colour me up

The Geba colour palette contains 256 individual shades that can be freely combined for each design. To this end, the Graz-based company works with two different studios in Nepal that specialise in the implementation of different designs. With this wealth of colour options, Geba’s on-site consultation is essential. Incidentally, the material of the customised rug consists of 100% high-quality highland sheep’s wool. On request, up to 30% silk or other natural materials can be added to achieve a special lustre or effect.

End spurt

A final visualisation of the room with and without the carpet ultimately helps with the decision-making process. Depending on the complexity of the size and design, the production time from approval is between three and five months. From the very first design idea to the realisation according to the Tibetan knotting tradition, every single Geba rug made under fair trade conditions is unique and tells a very personal story. This is what makes all Geba rugs so charming.

And the very last step? We take it literally. Please take off your shoes and enjoy your new dream carpet with all your senses.

Fotocredits: GEBA