Slow Down in South Tyrol

If you feel good, you can slow down. How do you succeed in feeling good? The Hotel Schwarzschmied has a lot to offer here, but one thing above all: a holistic wellness concept that is more than just the sum of yoga sessions and spa treatments. It is a feeling. The feeling of letting go, slowing down and finding yourself.

Take a breath

The Hotel Schwarzschmied is the Alto Group‘s flagship hotel. The Dissertori brothers grew up here. It is so idyllic that you would think you have landed in a postcard. The motif shows mountains, vines, fruit trees and the picturesque church of Lana. This setting alone is enough to make you take a deep breath. And of course there is also a pool and yoga here.

Dive in

A highlight is the twenty-meter-long outdoor pool, where it feels like you are swimming through the panorama. It is heated all year round and fed with Grander water. And whoever says pool must also say sauna, right? There are even three of them here. The spa treatments are literally touching. The natural products from Susanne Kaufmann bring body and soul into harmony. 


Some treatments take place in the new outdoor cabins by designer Harry Thaler. In the middle of the garden, you can indulge yourself in the asymmetrical wooden cabins behind glass panes that cannot be seen. The surrounding mountains provided the inspiration for the design. If you look up from the Hotel Schwarzschmied, you can see that one side is higher than the other.

… a feeling of security, like being embedded in a nest

Harry Thaler

Let go

Yoga is on the daily program here. But there is so much more. Dance for your health lets you dance out of yourself, the tea ceremonies celebrate silence and sharing, and you can let go of the old while burning incense. The Hotel Schwarzschmied also offers exciting packages. Meditations and a lymph-stimulating massage are on the program to strengthen the immune system. Relaxing and reducing stress is all about taking a conscious break with yin yoga and a full-body massage.

The Sonorium, which is all about bringing the body into harmony, is brand new. Targeted sounds, vibrations and frequencies can release blockages, improve sleep and provide balance.

Listen to yourself

Now the only question that remains is how to choose the right thing? This is the first step towards self-discovery, because the best way to do this is to listen to your inner self.

photocredits: Alto Hotel Group