Shambhavi Mudra: A 5-Minute Morning Meditation For An Effortless Day

Shambhavi Mudra is a 5-minute yoga routine that offers the possibility to walk through life effortlessly. Through Shambhavi Mudra you can invite grace into your life which reduces the friction in anything your do. It is very simple and thus great for beginners to learn. You can do it anywhere: at home, in the office, the park. Try out Shambhavi Mudra and realize the benefits in no time.

The word “meditation” is used for so many things. Generally, if you are concentrating on something, people will say you are meditating. If you are thinking one thought continuously, people say you are meditating. If you just utter one sound, a mantra or whatever else, continuously, that is called meditation too. Or if you are mentally alert to things that are happening around you or within your physiological system, that is called meditation as well.


Shambhavi does not belong to any of these categories. This is why we are calling it a Mahamudra or a kriya. What is a mudra? The word “mudra” literally means a seal – you lock it. In today’s world more than ever, the biggest problem that human beings have is the dissipation of energy, because our sensory system is stimulated more than ever before in the history of humanity. For example, today we can sit the entire night with bright lights on. Your eyes were not prepared for this – they were made for twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness or very subdued light. Now your visual apparatus is stimulated like crazy. 

The Power of Shambhavi Mahamudra

That is why a Mahamudra because it is a seal. Once you put the seal and lock it, your energies will divert themselves in a completely different direction. Now things will happen. Rarely does any practice blow up people right from day one as Shambhavi Mahamudra does. This is simply because if you apply the Mahamudra right, your own energies are turning in a direction that they normally never do. Otherwise, your energies dissipate in reaction to various sensory inputs. It is like if you keep looking at something, you get tired after some time. Not just the eyes – you get tired. 

Because every time you pay attention to something, you lose energy. If a ray of light comes at you, for you to see it, there is a loss of energy. If a sound comes at you, for you to hear it, there is a loss of energy. We want to turn it around in such a way that there is gain. Why we spend so much time to psychologically and emotionally prepare you for a twenty-one-minute practice is to get you to the right level of receptivity.