Holiday Season 2022: Showcase in cooperation with LEGO®

LOUIS VUITTON proudly announces its collaboration with LEGO® model makers, LEGO® Certified Professionals, who have built festive backdrops for the store windows and displays. From October 29, 2022 to January 1, 2023, the iconic LEGO® bricks will be on display in stores around the world.

Conceived by the Maison’s Visual Image Studio and realized by LEGO® Certified Professionals, the colorful and three-dimensional scenes are the continuation of an intense creative exchange that began last year on the occasion of Louis Vuitton‘s 200th birthday with the LOUIS 200 trunks, for which the LEGO® Group was one of the visionaries and contributed a giant birthday cake made of 31,700 bricks.

LEGO® Certified Professionals is an inspiring group of LEGO® Master Model Builders who have turned their passion for LEGO® System-in-Play into a career. They are often referred to as Master Builders, as they are the creative minds behind many large-scale LEGO® builds that bring joy to people around the world.

To mark the occasion, which also coincides with the LEGO® Group’s 90th anniversary, the collaboration with global reach will enchant people outside and inside the stores. The snow-covered Christmas trees evoke winter, while the brick-covered backgrounds feature vibrant arrangements of the Damier pattern. Many of the tree trunk variations, including those developed for the High Jewellery niches, are clad in LEGO® tiles and feature realistic hardware and handles.

The collaboration with LEGO®-Certified Professionals is not only an imaginative interpretation of the LOUIS VUITTON universe, but also underscores the principle of handmade creation. From a single brick to millions, the tradition of both brands finds a joyful expression through interaction. Once disassembled, the bricks are reused through local partnerships to encourage children in local schools to build and learn through play.

Attached is the high-resolution footage, as well as the detailed press release in English, available for download. We will be happy to send you further behind-the-scenes footage on request.