Safes: soft shell, hard core

Safes from Buben&Zörweg Foto: Buben&Zörweg

Safes, Text: Nina Prehofer, Photos: Buben&Zörweg

What should we do with all the valuable and beautiful items that we like to have around us but also want to keep safe?

Safes from Buben&Zörweg

The winding, storage and presentation pieces from Buben&Zörweg appeal with their eye-catching design, unexpected movement mechanisms, secure closure systems and state-of-the-art technology, such as the TIME MOVER automatic winding technology.

Safes from Buben&Zörweg

Security as beauty

The multi-award-winning pieces are made at the company’s own manufactory in Pforzheim, and they’re real masterpieces that can even be customised by hand on request. There are (virtually) no limits to what can be requested, in terms of both features and size, resulting in works of art with secret compartments and sophisticated opening and display mechanisms.

Safes from Buben&Zörweg

Available at jeweller Michael Kruzik – Luxury Concept
from € 18,000