SABOTEUR presents the “Sacra” collection

Saboteur - Sacra

The “Sacra” collection offers a first glimpse into the mysterious, exciting world of SABOTEUR. “Sacra” jewellery pieces are mystically charged, amidst a play of ancient mysterious and modern futuristic symbolism. Perfect proportions, inspired by the perfection of the cosmos, are what the “Elemental” and “Sacra” collections have in common.

Rita Sabo was responsible for the design of “Sacra”. For the artist and wife of Thomas Sabo, her designs live from the interplay of masculine and feminine energy and everything in between, the space between two poles and how they inspire and nourish each other. There was a certain focus in Rita Sabo’s process of inspiration: “I focused on divine feminine energy,” explains the designer. “My focus was on her strength and protective nature – because as a young mother, I know how commanding and impactful our lives are as women.”

Rita Sabo also emphasises how the synergies of the “Elemental” and the “Sacra” collections develop – and thus also explains how she and her husband Thomas Sabo, who is responsible for the “Elemental” collection together with his son Santiago Sabo, complement each other: “In our differences, our different preferences, we both enable each other to live more exciting, much more interesting lives than would be the case without each other”, says Rita Sabo. This idea is important to SABOTEUR: “That’s why all our designs are created unisex for all gender identities,” the designer explains.

Her favourite pieces of jewellery from the “Sacra” collection are the Talisman necklaces, timeless, futuristic, mystical, sensual. “In my art, patterns, shapes and symbols take central roles. My approach to them is a spiritual one: I want them to work subconsciously and have meaningful messages,” says Rita Sabo. “I have chosen sacred geometry and working with intuition of emotional intelligence as the focus of my art – the golden ratio that results from this constantly fascinates me.” One design that perfectly sums up the “Sacra” collection is the “Sacred Planet”, a pendant created according to this very principle.

It appears both on a long link chain and as the central element of a body jewellery necklace. The interplay of opposites is shown in both pointed, extreme shapes and calm, round ones. Classic spiritual elements of the “Sacra” collection are also pearl bracelets. All designs – just like the “Elemental” designs – are made of 925 sterling silver as well as 18 carat yellow and white gold, sometimes also different materials in harmonious interplay.


What began as a play on the family name became a new brand, a new lifestyle and a collection characterised by spirituality and the union of mysticism and geometry. SABOTEUR was founded by Thomas Sabo and his son Santiago Sabo. The artist and wife of Thomas Sabo, Rita Sabo, accompanies the creative process and the design of the “Sacra” line.

The brand comprises the two product lines “Elemental” and “Sacra”. In addition to a mindful and resource-conserving philosophy, the focus is on the use of valuable materials, incomparable craftsmanship and the highest quality. The credo of the SABOTEUR brand: “We believe in the longing for beauty and want to create the perfect piece of jewellery for it,” says Thomas Sabo.

SABOTEUR is available at the world’s first SABOTEUR Concept Store at Spiegelgasse 8 in Vienna and at